TV Q&A: 'Atypical,' 'Reno 911' and 'Hometown High Q'

Thursday, 30 August 2018 12:00 AM Written by 

Q: Is Anthony Anderson's mother, Mama Doris on “To Tell the Truth,” his real mother?

-- Gail, Allison Park

Rob: Yes, she is.


Q: In one of your columns you mentioned the return to Netflix of a series about an autistic boy. I can't remember the name of the show, and I enjoyed the first series so much and do not want to miss the new episodes. Can you refresh my memory?

-- Nina via Facebook

Rob: Sure, the show is called "Atypical" and season two streams on Netflix Sept. 7.


Q: Flipping through the channels this morning and came across “Hometown High Q” on KDKA-TV with a wide shot of the studio. 

Since the show tapes in the same studio as the news and has timed rounds and segments, what production plans does KDKA-TV have if there is a tornado warning during a taping? Not knowing how long the tornado warning would last, would they use the same studio or an auxiliary studio?

-- Jim, Brookville

Rob: Given the relative rarity of tornadoes in Western Pennsylvania, particularly during the school year when the shows are taped, this seems like an unlikely hypothetical but it's always good to plan for just-in-case scenarios.

According to former news director Anne Linaberger just prior to her departure from KDKA-TV earlier this month (personally, I was sorry to see her go), “The shows are indeed taped throughout the school year on Saturdays, usually four per each taping day. We're always prepared to stop taping if there's breaking news.”


Q: I was wondering if you have heard anything about “Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories,” one season of which streamed on Netflix. Some searches on the net turned up a rather convoluted series of productions in a number of countries. Have you run across any news about a possible second Netflix season? The show is touching, humorous and generally great viewing.

-- Don, Lawrenceville

Rob: The head of Netflix publicity did not respond when I relayed Don’s question, but from what I have researched online, it appears there was only one season made of this iteration of “Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories.” 


Q: We have been watching old episodes of “Reno 911” on Amazon and are confused by what episodes are available.

For example, season one is not available at all. The last episode of season four is also blocked, but not the rest of the season. Is there a reason for that? Thanks!

-- Shannon via Facebook

Rob: Content owners make all kinds of deals with distributors for which there often appears to be no rhyme or reason.

When I search Amazon Prime Video I found no episodes available to Prime subscribers, but there were episodes available for rent and among those Shannon’s correct that season one and, randomly, two episodes of season four are not available with the notation “This content has been removed from Prime Video due to legal restrictions, by the rights holder, Viacom International Inc.” Why two random episodes? I have no idea and an Amazon representative never responded to my query. One guess: Maybe there is music in those two episodes that does not include a release for streaming. The same episodes are also missing from, and YouTube.



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