TV Q&A: 'UnReal,' 'Grace and Frankie' and Decades channel

Thursday, 16 August 2018 12:00 PM Written by 

Q: I heard that “UnREAL” will move to Hulu for its final season. I also heard that the reruns of the final season would be shown on Lifetime. Is this true?


Rob: It seems like that is likely, but Lifetime would not confirm that will happen at this point. But my guess is the final season of “UnReal” will air on Lifetime but probably not until several months after the recent (July 16) premiere on Hulu.


Q: Rob, about a year ago, the History Channel did a series on the Zodiac serial killer who terrorized the San Francisco Bay area in the ’60s and ’70s. The series highlighted the work of two retired criminal detectives using modern criminal investigating tools. At the end of the fifth show, they were going to announce the results of new DNA found at one of the murder scenes and state who they thought was the real Zodiac. And then nothing. The show disappeared from the History Channel without a trace. I even emailed the channel at the time, but received no response. 

Could you find out what happened to this series? Thanks.


Rob: History says the five-episode show aired in its entirety with the finale debuting on Dec. 12, 2017. I didn’t see the series so I’m not sure what it promised in terms of revealing a killer, but several write-ups on the show don’t indicate they felt like they were left hanging the way John feels he was.



Q: Is Decades gone for good? How can KDKA be so callous about this terrific channel?


Rob: This smells more like a corporate CBS decision than a local KDKA-TV decision. Decades will be replaced by Start TV on Sept. 3 as we noted a few weeks ago. The Start TV release included this quote from CBS Television Stations Peter Dunn, which suggests the change was made to Start TV to better align the digital subchannel with CBS’s current prime-time, procedural-heavy programming: “We are pleased to partner with our friends at Weigel Broadcasting to launch Start TV. Our CBS Television Network prime-time audience has enjoyed great success with procedural dramas for many years. We are excited to feature The Good Wife and many other compelling series in the Start TV lineup as a great companion to our CBS programming.”

It is possible Decades could land on the digital subchannel lineup of another local station, but so far I’ve heard nothing to suggest that will happen.



Q: When will Netflix premiere a new season of “Grace & Frankie”?


Rob: The show’s Netflix publicist did not respond to multiple queries on Jean’s behalf. “Grace and Frankie” was renewed in February, and at the time Netflix said a new season will be available sometime in 2019, so I presume that is still the case.



Q: Will ABC give one more try for an American Christmas version of “The Great British Bake-Off” after last year’s disaster? 


Rob: Nothing has been announced but my understanding is “The Great American Baking Show” will likely return to ABC this Christmas.



Q: I have been streaming two BBC-produced mysteries: “Hinterland” and “Shetland,” both with strong characters, typical British mysteries and marvelous sceneries. Is there any word on whether new episodes will be filmed and released to Netflix?


Rob: It’s difficult to gather information on a streaming service’s plans for an acquired series -- their publicity and marketing emphasis is usually on homegrown originals -- but in this case it appears “Hinterland” was produced for just three seasons. All three seasons are already on Netflix, so there are no additional episodes Netflix could acquire.

Three seasons of “Shetland” are on Netflix. A fourth season aired on the BBC earlier this year so presumably that will come to Netflix at some point.



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