TV Q&A: 'Sharp Objects, 'Doc Martin,' 'Alaskan Bush People,' a WTAE departure

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Q: How much longer will HBO’s “Sharp Objects” air? I am not enjoying the TV adaptation. It jumps around so much.


Rob: The “Sharp Objects” finale is set to air Aug. 26



Q: Will Netflix have another season of “Anne with an E”? 

When will WQED air new “Doc Martin” episodes?


Rob: “Doc Martin” has been in limbo for almost a year since a new season became available on last fall. It appears those episodes will finally be made available to PBS stations with WQED airing them in January.

The second season of “Anne with an E” has only been on Netflix about a month, so it’s too soon to know if Netflix will renew the show for another season.



Q: My questions are about a few new series premiering in the UK in the coming months, and if they will be coming our way?

“Les Miserables” (not the musical) -- BBC

“A Discovery of Witches” -- Sky

“The War of the Worlds” (H.G. Wells) – BBC

“The ABC Murders” (Agatha Christie) – BBC

“Gentleman Jack” (Regency-set series) -- BBC

“Vanity Fair” -- BBC 


Rob: “Les Miserables” will air on PBS’s “Masterpiece,” but it is in production and has no airdate. I’d guess late 2019.

Amazon has U.S. rights to “The ABC Murders” and “Vanity Fair,” but there’s no U.S. release date that I have seen.

“Gentleman Jack” is an HBO co-production, so I’d guess it will air on HBO at some point, but, again, nothing has been announced.

I could find no American outlet announced for “A Discovery of Witches” and “The War of the Worlds.”



Q: Could you provide an update on Ami and the rest of the family that were on the “Alaskan Bush People.”


Rob: The show itself will offer an update when it returns for a new season at 9 p.m. Aug. 19 on Discovery Channel.

Here’s how the network describes it: “Following her yearlong battle with cancer, Ami Brown, the family matriarch, heads back to the bush full of hope and optimism. Billy, the Brown family patriarch, is determined to continue the family’s self-sufficient and unique way of life.”



Q: I know I can't be alone in thinking this, but I find that these commercials where they advertise for you to “talk with your doctor” about an increasing array of medications for heart problems, stomach problems, skin problems, etc. are getting SOOO annoying.  Plus, each medication seems to fix one problem but potentially give you 10 more!!  It seems as though EACH commercial break on every station has one of these advertisements. I doubt if your doctors would appreciate you suggesting to THEM what medications may work. 

Outside of changing the channel or hitting “mute,” any chance these commercials may go away anytime soon or are they such big moneymakers that we’ll continue to see them?


Rob: Frank is not alone in this complaint. We’ve fielded it before. But these ads are not going away anytime soon.

TV news viewership – really all viewership outside of prime time -- tends to skew older. Older people tend to have more health issues. That’s why these ads turn up a lot in news and daytime TV programming.



Q: I saw WTAE posted a meteorologist opening. Did I miss an announcement that someone was leaving, or are they simply expanding their weather department? I believe a decade ago they had five, and bragged that they were the largest weather team in town. 


Rob: I have a vague recollection of five meteorologists at one point but the standard at WTAE has been four at least back to 2010.

Weekend meteorologist Ray Petelin’s contract was not renewed so presumably that’s the job Channel 4 is advertising for. News director Jim Parsons did not respond when I twice sent him David’s question.

“I’m on the schedule, right now, until mid-September,” said Petelin, who joined WTAE in September 2011“I don’t have immediate plans at this moment, but my wife, daughter and I LOVE Pittsburgh and would love to continue here.”





Several of your readers have written in about Pittsburgh's lengthy weather forecast (guesses) and the many news anchor flubs.

Because of my job I have lived in at least six major cities and several smaller ones. So far Pittsburgh is the worst. I can't believe what they call news. A city this size could and should do better.




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