Platypus family joins 'Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood'

Monday, 06 August 2018 09:00 AM Written by 

DTN platypus

Platypus characters were regulars in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe on "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" and now they're coming to PBS's successor series, "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood."

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In a new hour-long special, "The Daniel Tiger Movie: Won't You Be Our Neighbor" (Sept. 17), the show introduces the Platypus family and Jodi Platypus, a new friend for Daniel Tiger.

Here's the logline with video preview below:

In “The Daniel Tiger Movie: Won’t You Be Our Neighbor?, Daniel spots a moving truck right next door and is excited to learn that a new family is moving into the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. The Tiger Family, and the entire neighborhood, welcome the new arrivals and help them adjust to their unfamiliar surroundings. Daniel lends an extra hand, so his new playmate, Jodi Platypus, starts to feel right at home. The charming musical strategies featured in “The Daniel Tiger Movie: Won’t You Be Our Neighbor?” will help parents and families get their kids ready for big life events, such as moving – and welcoming new friends and neighbors.

In addition, "DTN" will debut two more episodes the same week:

Jodi's First Day at School/Daniel Plays at Jodi's House

Premieres September 18

“Jodi’s First Day at School” - Jodi is nervous on her first day at a new school, so Teacher Harriet explains to Jodi that she can find something or someone she knows to help herself feel better. She spots Daniel Tiger, who is someone she knows! Daniel takes on the duties of “First Day Friend” to help Jodi feel comfortable at her new school.

“Daniel Plays at Jodi’s House” - Daniel goes to Jodi’s house after school. At first, Daniel feels a little nervous because he’s never played at Jodi’s house after school before. Then Daniel finds things he knows—like blueberries—to make himself feel better at Jodi’s house.


A New Friend at School/A New Friend at the Playground

Premieres September 20

“A New Friend at School” - Daniel can’t wait to race the crafty car he made at school with Prince Wednesday! But Prince Wednesday is busy playing with Jodi now. Is Prince Wednesday still Daniel’s friend? Of course he is.

“A New Friend at the Playground” - Daniel and Miss Elaina are playing together at the park. When their new friend Jodi shows up to play, Daniel worries that Miss Elaina likes Jodi more than him, but then Daniel is reminded that they’re all still friends.



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