TV Q&A: 'This is Us,' 'Timeless' and WPXI

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Q: Any news about “The Great British Baking Show,” new version or old, coming to PBS?


Rob: With the original “Great British Bake-Off” moving to a commercial broadcaster in England, there are no current plans for future seasons to air on PBS. The first two BBC seasons never aired on PBS but there are no plans for those to be broadcast here on PBS.

Stations have rebroadcast rights for the five seasons PBS aired through 2021; those seasons will also be available for streaming on Passport for PBS station members through 2021.


Q: Are they planning on bringing back, “Better Late Than Never” for another season? It’s funnier than most scripted shows!

Rob: NBC has not made a decision on the show’s future one way or the other.



Q: Is this the final season for “This is Us”?  Mandy Moore was interviewed this evening on “Extra.”  It was mentioned that they are working on how the season or show will end.  Does this mean it’s over?  Please clarify.
Love that show!

Rob: “This is Us” has been renewed through the 2018-19 TV season, which will be its third season, and I fully expect it will be renewed beyond that. These days TV show creators begin thinking about how they want to end a show sometimes before the program even gets on the air. For a serialized show, in particular, it’s often helpful to have a long-term plan in place, especially in a show with embedded mysteries like "This is Us."



Q: Finished “Nashville” which had one of the best endings to a series. Tied the package with a bow....BUT. Who the heck did Scarlett end up with???? Couldn’t identify him.


Rob: Turns out it was the real-life husband of actress Clare Bowen, who played Scarlett



Q: I watched the "series finale" of “Timeless” when it was broadcast on the network. It was great and they do need to wrap things up in a TV movie or something. My husband was getting caught up with all the episodes on Comcast/Xfinity's "On Demand" and they were free. Finally, when he was ready to view the last episode, we had to pay $2.99. No big deal. But here's the didn't have the same ending that I saw!  It didn't show the new time machine and the future versions of Lucy and Wyatt saying anything about getting Rufus back!!!  Why?  And who did that??

Thanks in advance for your answer.


Rob: Sounds like a technical glitch in the video file. No one at NBC or Sony, which produced “Timeless,” is aware of a second version. The finale, with ending intact, is being re-sent to Comcast for re-posting.

This week NBC announced it will produce a "Timeless" wrap-up TV movie scheduled to air at the holidays.



Q: How likely will it be that WPXI becomes an NBC O&O following Cox’s stated exploration of selling its TV stations


Rob: That outcome seems unlikely as NBC has not be in an acquisition mode for local stations unlike some other broadcast groups (Gray, Meredith, Sinclair). 




On the topic “Lee from Plum” brought up about “Live with Kelly & Ryan”: What irritates me is that they pre-record the little intro pretending that it is that Friday’s date.
So you want to re-run on Fridays, big deal. Just do it! We can decide if we want to watch or not.
But running through the whole host segment part when they are not there…….tacky.
IMHO    :)




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