TV Q&A: Late-night comedy shows, 'Good Morning America' and 'Paterno'

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Q: Question on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.” I know the Friday night show is always a repeat but can you tell me how many actual shows are produced? It seems like there are a lot of weeks with repeats. I tried to research but thought it would be easier to ask you. Sorry


Rob: The show’s publicist couldn’t come up with a number but said it’s the same as “The Tonight Show.” Thankfully, some folks have a lot of time on their hands and added episode descriptions to Wikipedia. “The Tonight Show,” and thus “Late Night,” had 197 episodes in 2017 out of 260 eligible weeknights. That means 63 weeknights per year are reruns.


Q: I just turned off my TV when I saw that “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” was once again a (recent) repeat. So it got me wondering - - how many unique shows do they produce in a year and how about the other two 11:30 p.m. competitors?


Rob: Turns out, “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” also produced 197 episodes in 2017, same as “The Tonight Show.” I’m sure this is not a coincidence. Networks don’t want advertisers defecting so they’ll try to stick to similar patterns.


Q: How does it seem that every time change the channel during a commercial other stations are also in commercial is by coincidence? Or is this coordinated?

Rob: Again, it’s definitely not coincidence. Stations don’t want to be the only ones in commercial at a given time, giving viewers the opportunity to escape commercials by switching to another channel, so they try their best to line up their commercial breaks at the same time as their competition.


Q: Do you know of any way a non-HBO subscriber can access “Paterno”? I would love to see it. Thanks.

Rob: HBO Films usually releases its movies on DVD after their debut on the premium cable channel. I expect “Paterno” will get similar treatment before the end of the year.


Q: I always watch ABC’s “Good Morning America” on weekends, and have noticed that meteorologist Rob Marciano is missing.  For the past several weeks, maybe four or five, Sam Champion has filled in for him with no explanation. They simply say, “Sam is in for Rob.”   What’s going on and where is Rob?

Rob: Weekday forecaster Ginger Zee went on maternity leave earlier this year so Marciano temporarily moved into the weekday spot and Champion is filling in on weekends.


 Q: Curious as to why “Access Hollywood” is always on a one-day delay. For example, I watched an episode where they were talking about Jimmy Kimmel’s colonoscopy procedure and how it will air “tonight.”  It aired the night before. All their news is off by one day.  Just curious.


Rob: Local stations choose when to air syndicated programming and if a station slots a show in in a time slot when that day’s show is not yet available they have to run a program from the day before.

“Access Hollywood” gets fed to stations later in the day in an effort to be more newsy and more timely.


Q: Why isn't Bounce 31-1 over the air WIIC-LD close captioned? I thought WIIC was an equal opportunity station?


Rob:Multiple calls to Abacus Television, which operatess WIIC, were not returned.


Q: On the weekends during the day, WPXI advertises their weather with chief meteorologist Stephen Cropper but the announcer says David Cropper. I have rewound this add several times when I noticed the names not matching and thinking to myself that I heard it wrong. But each time week after week the announcer says "David Cropper" and the screen says Stephen. Wouldn't you think they could afford to correct their mistake? It happened during golf broadcasts between 3 and 6:00pm. Very strange.


Rob: This is the sort of question that really cries out for an exact time otherwise there’s really no easy way to track down an answer. WPXI creative services director Karen Lah look at six hours of golf and found no promos that say “David Cropper.”



It might be helpful to the local TV news departments to invest in a dictionary. A qualifier with "next" would be appreciated by most viewers. 

And the news readers may be able to find out that there is actually a difference between a "Guide rail" and a "Guard rail." 

They could also learn that words such. as "fire," "shot", and  many other words are one-syllable and not pronounced with ''ah" for drama (“fah-ire” and “shah-ought’)..







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