ABC makes 'The Crossing'

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Ever since “Lost,” ABC has developed one mythology-driven, sci-fi-tinged show after another and almost none of them have gone past a single season. Because of ABC’s track record of short-lived series like “Invasion” (2005-06), “Flash Forward” (2009-10), “Resurrection” (2014-15) and “The Whispers” (2015), it’s hard to settle in to watch another ABC show like “The Crossing” (10 tonight, WTAE) knowing the mysteries at the core of the program are never likely to be resolved.

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When people (and bodies) begin washing up on the Oregon coast, small-town sheriff Jude Ellis (Steve Zahn, an actor not usually cast as the hero) clashes with Homeland Security investigator Emma Ren (Sandrine Holt, “The Returned”) as the survivors recount tales of coming from America 150 years in the future when there is a war and a genetically engineered human population called Apex.

It’s an intriguing premise made more relevant by the refugee status of the survivors, which plays against current real-world concerns. And the pilot for “The Crossing” offers more details about the mystery than shows like this often do.

Even though the premise of “The Crossing” seems like it’s another TV show that should really be a movie or limited series and not an ongoing drama, the pilot offers (for a broadcast network series) some decent twists, welcome casting against type and a somewhat intriguing plot.

But should viewers really get attached? Given ABC’s track record, probably not.


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