TV Q&A: 'The Crown,' MSNBC and KDKA-TV personalities

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Q: For one week, Game Show Network had John Davidson host a retro show that would have old “Match Games,” “Family Feuds” and other older shows. The next week he was gone and the network is now showing just “Family Feuds” with Steve Harvey. What gives?
There was no name of the program Game Show Network has been doing retro game shows for a while. I was watching about a month ago, and they did a promotion about John Davidson [who] was going to host a new segment for old game shows. The network did it for one week and stopped. Just wondering what happened.


Rob: Perhaps the promos were unclear, but this was never intended to be more than a one-time thing.

During the legendary John Davidson’s visit to the set of Game Show Network’s ‘Daily Draw’ back in February, he hosted the wraparounds for a night of a special programming block of Saturday night classic game shows such as ‘What’s My Line’ along with ‘I’ve Got A Secret,’ which he had appeared on as a contestant,” explained a GSN publicist. “It was never meant to be an ongoing series.”


Q: Shows like “Stranger Things,” “Timeless,” “The Crown” and “The Man In The High Castle” seem to have plenty of old cars. When a TV show is set in a time gone by, where do they get the cars to match the time period?


Rob: It probably varies a bit by show. Series filmed in a production center like Los Angeles, New York or Vancouver might be able to procure period vehicles from a specialty prop house. But when filming in a place like Pittsburgh, as we saw with season one of Netflix’s “MIndhunter,” producers will seek to rent cars of a specific era from the general public and private collectors. 


Q: Just wondering if three of my favorite comedies are ever coming back on:  “Impastor,” “Trial and Error” and “The Guest Book.”


Rob: Late last week NBC announced Kristin Chenoweth will play the new accused murderer on “Trial & Error,” so production has not begun, which means the show’s return may be a ways off, but it will be back.

TBS renewed “The Guest Book” in September, but it has no return date either (my guess is it will be back this summer).

TV Land canceled “Impastor” in December 2016.


Q: Can you tell me why on MSNBC most of the time they will start out with one commercial. It will run for about five seconds or so, then switch to a full commercial for another product. We watch this channel a lot, and it has always made me wonder what is going on. Our provider is Verizon.


Rob: Verizon representative Michael Murphy said what M.A. saw was a mis-time commercial, an issue the company “addressed” (and presumably resolved?) on Feb. 16.

“All video providers are entitled to a share of commercial time on basic cable networks like MSNBC. Providers use this time mostly for local businesses to advertise but also to promote their own products and services,” Murphy explained. “Networks like MSNBC identify the times when the local provider can run an ad over whatever ad the network is showing.  Sometimes the timing of that overlay is off and you see a glimpse of the underlying ad the network expects to be covered over. Providers regularly check settings to minimize this, hence the timing adjustment on the 16th.”


Q: Why do we see advertising on cable channels locally for businesses that no longer have locations in the area? For example, Wingstop runs commercials, but their closest location is Akron and Cici's Pizza does, too, but their closest is in Morgantown. Do cable channels run commercials for a wider area than broadcast or do they expect that we'll visit these restaurants when we travel?

I'm on Verizon FiOS. For the Wingstop commercial, it was on Cartoon Network during their Adult Swim block, "Bob's Burgers" specifically, around 10 p.m. Feb. 21.


Rob: My guess was maybe these were regional ad buys. A Verizon rep said these were national ads that play in all markets whether there are stores in those cities or not.


Q: I haven't seen Kristin Emery on KDKA-TV weather lately. Is she gone?  Who did Celina Pompeani replace?

Rob: Emery and Pompeani work for KDKA-TV as freelancers. Ms. Emery, in particular, is most likely to appear when others are on vacation (holidays, summer vacation, etc.).

Ms. Pompeani effectively replaced Sarah Arbogast, who previously delivered traffic updates before she departed for a job outside of broadcasting in October






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