'Portlandia' aims to avoid series finale burdens

Monday, 05 February 2018 11:18 AM Written by 

portlandia final season


PASADENA, Calif. -- In the midst of its final season, “Portlandia” (10 p.m. Thursday, IFC), doesn’t carry the burden of sticking the landing of a finale the way other shows do, according to stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein.

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“One of the freedoms that comes from making sketches, people aren't looking for everyone to get pregnant or die or go off into space,” Ms. Brownstein said during the Television Critics Association winter press tour last month. “We were able, I think, to avoid sentimentality a little bit. There were a couple characters that we were interested in kind of a suggestion of finality or closure. But I don't think that's what we led with in the writing process.” 

Mr. Armisen agreed: They don’t want it to seem too much like a final season.

“We wanted the episodes to be able to be watched in any order, because I think that's how people watch things, anyway, even sketches,” he said. “So there were a few things that we did, to, you know, give it a little bit of a signature to it. But I remember at the beginning of when we were writing, we said, ‘Let's make sure that we are writing sketches that can still last a while, that can have some shelf life, that are still funny in some way,’ hopefully.”


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