PBS goes 'Beyond a Year in Space'

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Beyond Scott Kelly returns to earth after a year in space

In part two of its two-part program on astronaut Capt. Scott Kelly’s year aboard the international space station – the longest space mission in American history – “Beyond a Year in Space” (9 p.m. Wednesday, WQED-TV) looks at the physical and emotional effects of the journey.

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At a July press conference during the Television Critics Association summer press tour, Capt. Kelly said the mission was more than twice as long as his previous, 159-day stay in space.

“I was never climbing the walls to get out of there,” he said of his year in space. “I always felt like I had enough work to do and it was important work and I was being productive and utilizing my time appropriately, but it was hard. It's hard to live in a place where you can't leave. You go to sleep; you're at work. You wake up; you're at work. You're most of the time with the same people. They come and go occasionally, and even though you like them, you don't get to experience any other relationships in person with people, so you miss people on Earth. You miss the weather. You miss freedom of choice. There's a lot of things you give up to do it. Makes it a hard thing to do, a hard place to live.” 
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