TV Q&A: 'Mythbusters,' 'CBS This Morning' and an MIA Fox News anchor

Thursday, 12 October 2017 05:40 PM Written by 

Q: Earlier this year, the Science Channel had a show called “Mythbusters: The Search,” a competition to find new hosts for a new “Mythbusters” show.  Is this new “Mythbusters” show being made and when will it be aired? 


Rob: Yes, the new “Mythbusters” debuts at 9 p.m. Nov. 15 on Science Channel.


Q: I have a question about the season eight premiere of “BlueBloods.” Why did the writers kill Linda (Amy Carlson) off in a helicopter crash airlifting a patient when in New York City Medivac life flight helicopters are run out of the fire department not a hospital? And also since Amy Carlson wanted to leave why couldn't they get another actress to play the role of Linda? I believe that the show did a disservice to the fans and bringing Linda back would add a twist to the show that would open up a bounty of storylines like how she survived the crash. Even if the new actress looks different than before it could be explained by her experience in the crash.


Rob: Recasting is generally frowned upon these days, although it does still happen with supporting characters on some series (see: “Game of Thrones”). And producers save money by not hiring a replacement. Attempts to find cost savings are especially desirable the older a show gets as production costs rise and “Blue Bloods” is in season eight.

I can’t address any errors in accuracy but ultimately it could be that the show’s writers decided there was more dramatic upside to killing off the character than to keeping the character through recasting.


Q: I have not seen any mention of the TV show “Pure Genius” in your column. Will it be returning to the TV on Monday nights or has it been discontinued?


Rob: Sorry, but that CBS medical drama was dead on arrival last fall. It won’t be back.


Q: Why does CBS think we should watch the morning show when they have no weatherman?


Rob: Because there are plenty of other sources for national weather and CBS still offers local cut-ins with local weather, which is what most people are interested in. The lack of a national weather forecast doesn’t seem to be hurting “CBS This Morning” as its ratings continue to grow.


Q: D o you have any idea where Shannon Bream from the 9 a.m. Fox News Channel show went? 


Rob: According to Variety, Bream will host a new late-night news program debuting Oct. 30 in the 11 p.m. time slot. 


Q: I have a few questions concerning on demand. I have Verizon for my TV and the on demand seems to be getting worse and worse. Some of the sites you now have to pay to get episodes which you never had to do before. Another thing is some of the programs you can’t get on demand anymore. Why is that?  And finally it used to be that many of the cable networks you could watch without commercials or very few but now it takes a whole hour to watch because you can’t fast forward at all. I used to enjoy on demand but not so much anymore. Maybe you can shed some light on my concerns.


Rob: We have written before about the changing landscape for on demand programming and how many content creators are now limiting the amount of time some programs remain free on on demand after their initial broadcast and moving them quicker into the category of “library programming” that the content creators then charge for. The reason? Everyone wants to monetize their content.

That’s also why some on demand content has commercials with the fast forward disabled. Advertisers want their ads seen not fast forwarded through. 



One of the main reasons that we started watching “Blue Bloods” was because of watching them pray around the dinner table. With Linda gone and no more prayer we may not watch it anymore. It has been our only watched and most favorite television show ever






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