TV Q&A: 'Blue Boods,' 'Flip or Flop' and local on demand shows on Comcast

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Q: I'm a big fan of HGTV show “Flip or Flop.” I was wondering, what with all the tabloids running all types of stories regarding the hosts Tarek and Christina why they continue showing the supposed loving couple when they are apparently estranged and possibly planning a divorce. I find it to be laughable to hear and see the couple professing their love.


Rob: An HGTV publicist did not respond to Marlene’s question but my guess is as long as the old episodes still draws ratings, HGTV will continue to show them. Also, it may be that there are no episodes available to air yet post-breakup. On Thursday HGTV announced a 9 p.m. April 6 premiere date for a spin-off, "Flip or Flop Vegas," featuring a new duo, MMA fighter Bristol Marunde and his real estate agent/designer wife, Aubrey, as hosts.


Q: I love the whole cast, but I seem to have watched at least once all the "Everybody Loves Raymond" reruns that have been appearing nightly for months on TV Land.  How many shows were there, are they just repeating a select few, and how long will this continue?


Rob: A TV Land spokeswoman explained, “TV Land has licensed all episodes of “Everybody Loves Raymond,” and with rare exception, we air them in chronological order in a regular cycle. There are some occasions where we make a point to show viewer favorites, so those might be seen more than others. With the huge popularity of the show on TV Land, we have increased the hours that the show airs – meaning we are cycling through them more quickly than we did previously.”


Q: Recently a channel was said to be changing its name to The Paramount Network. Do you know if that channel will show the old Paramount movies currently not shown on the Fox, Turner Classic, and MGM channels. I would really enjoy seeing the old W.C. Fields classics and so many more early Paramount films that seem to be hidden away.


Rob: That seems unlikely. Ad-supported networks want to draw younger viewers and the perception is that older titles are not going to do that. I imagine programming on The Paramount Network, currently Spike TV, will draw from more recent entries in the Paramount Pictures canon.


Q: Where was the Hallmark Channel Movies and Mysteries movie "An Uncommon Grace" filmed?


Rob: Thanks to a spate of questions about locations for Hallmark movies, I’ve learned that these cable films, which were once shot almost entirely in Canada, are really branching out in terms of where they are produced..

“An Uncommon Grace” was filmed in Horse Cave, Ky.


Q: Viewers of TV drama shows like “Blue Bloods” often watch dramatic city sidewalk crime scenes and investigations. Yet the pedestrians walk by in the background as if all is normal. There are so many people, even sometimes on crowded crosswalks, that they can’t possibly all be paid extras. How do these shows pull it off without gawkers ruining the scenes?


Rob: According to a CBS publicist, anyone that can be made out facially on any show, are paid background. So if you don’t see their faces, then they may be passersby.


Q: Whose male voice narrates the Levin Furniture television ads in greater Cleveland?


Rob: According to a Levin representative, the voiceovers come from Lionshare, an ad agency based in California. The male voice is agency owner Randy Young.


Q: Can you ask your local contacts at Comcast why the daily local content has disappeared from On Demand?

No KDKA and WTAE newscasts, no Daily Mass from Christian Associates. This has gone on for more than a week now.


Rob: According to Comcast spokesman Bob Grove, the technical equipment that makes this content available to customers with older set-top boxes has failed and is no longer supported by the manufacturer.

“Local newscasts remain available to our X1 customers, and we are working to have Christian Associates content available for X1 customers in early March,” Grove explained. “We remind multi-product customers with older set-top boxes they can upgrade to X1 at no additional cost.”


Q: Are news anchors really saving paper by having the script in an iPad? Since the script is already on a teleprompter and a teleprompter uses no paper, where is the savings?

Prior to adopting iPads for an at-the-ready script in case of a TelePrompTer failure, TV news anchors always had a paper script in front of them. Doing away with that paper script and using an iPad instead means less paper is used in production of newscasts that have gone that route.





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