HBO premieres 'Tickled' documentary

Monday, 27 February 2017 11:30 AM Written by 



Film festival favorite documentary “Tickled” comes to HBO tonight at 10 and it’s followed by a 20-minute new doc from the same filmmakers that continues the story of the original film.

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“Tickled” follows pop culture reporter David Farrier as his attempts at a quick feature story on competitive tickling turns into an expose on one wealthy family scion’s efforts to woo and later humiliate guys who get involved in the activity with heavy homoerotic undertones.

Farrier, who is openly gay, makes for a winning investigative hero as he unearths a trove of details on the history of tickling videos on the Internet and gets ever closer to the homophobic (or gay and self-loathing?) mastermind at the center of it all.

“Tickled” runs a bit too long (at 90 minutes) and proves slightly unsatisfying in its denouement. The new, 20-minute tack-on, “The Tickle King,” helps somewhat and offers new, necessary details.


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