More amazing footage of nature in 'Planet Earth II,' a lover letter to the planet

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PASADENA, Calif. -- It’s been almost a decade since the original “Planet Earth” and for the sequel, “Planet Earth II” (9 p.m. Saturday, BBC America), executive producer Mike Gunton said changes in filmmaking technology made an impact when it came time to make “Planet Earth II.”

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Drones were important,” he said at the January Television Critics Association winter press tour. “One of the differentiators between the original "Planet Earth" series and this series is the technology. The first series had that sense of almost a godlike perspective in observing. Looking down upon the planet from a helicopter perspective is a very strong one using gyro‑stabilized camera mounts. What we did with this series is we took that technology and miniaturized it and effectively put it in the hands of the cameramen so they could take the camera off the tripod.

“That's allowed us to rather than observe actually experience the lives of the animals,” he continued. “So we are with them. And I think the racer snake/iguana sequence .. that sense of being with the animals as that action is happening, is only possible through this micro-technology. In fact, that same kind of camera is also what you then put on a drone, and what the drone does is gives you that next, sort of, middle ground. So when you saw that indri [lemur] leaping through the forest there, you can actually now fly a drone alongside. So you can get that sense of what is it like to be indri leaping through the forest.” 
The “Planet Earth II” premiere episode will air simultaneously on BBC America, AMC and Sundance TV.

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