'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' back for season two

Monday, 17 October 2016 10:20 AM Written by 

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The CW's "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" (9 p.m. Friday) returns for its second season defiantly as weird and off-kilter as ever.

The season premiere, in particular, almost defies newcomers to watch.

Where many shows would pander in an effort to woo more viewers, "Girlfriend" remains stubbornly weird, including in an avant garde musical number (pictured above and after the jump) that proudly proclaims it busted the show's budget.

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As much as I like "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend," the first season did feel like it was often taking two steps forward, one step back with its plot and characters, particularly when it comes to Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) and her then-unrequited love for Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III).

That story seems to have settled a bit but the love triangle involving Greg (Santino Fontana) revs into high gear once again and though there's the prospect of some resolution by the end of episode three in the new seasons, viewers won't know until episode four if the show has the courage of its convictions to go through with that resolution.

On the plus side, Paula (CMU grad Donna Lynne Champlin) shows some resolve as she attempts to make her relationship with Rebecca healthier and there's evidence of growth in her character with her relationship with her husband.

Best of all, as always, are some of the musical numbers, especially ones for Paula and Greg in episodes that follow after the season premiere.

God bless The CW for keeping this little gem alive. Friday night ratings expectations are low and it seems like "Girlfriend" will live down to those low ratings numbers but bless the show for its daring streak of independence and non-conformity even if that ultimately dooms it to a short life.

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