Audience goes 'Full Circle' again

Wednesday, 07 September 2016 02:10 PM Written by 

full circle 3

DirecTV's AT&T Audience Network has been doing the series "Full Circle" for a few years now with each edition set in a pretty closed, tight location (a restaurant, a hotel) where the story pretty much stays.

That remains true for the show's third season, debuting tonight at 9, which follows a breaking scandal in the campaign of a presidential candidate (Dougray Scott, "Hemlock Grove") when his former call girl mistress (Mariana Klaveno, "True Blood," pictured above) is found beat up in his hotel bedroom and he has no memory of what happened.

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Is he lying? Was she setting him up?

By the end of the first half-hour episode, I'll admit I was kind of curious to see more, but it's kind of a slog getting to that point. "Full Circle" by its nature is a dialogue-heavy show, like something out of the days of early TV when plays were essentially staged in front of TV cameras. 

The candidate comes off as an infantile man-child in thrall to his more intelligent wife (Kim Raver). One minute they're fighting; the next, they're doing everything they can to shore up his campaign. It's a bit of character motivation whiplash. And yet, I still wanted to see where the story would go.

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