NBC plays 'Game of Silence'

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game of silence

NBC's "Game of Silence" (preview tonight at 10; time slot premiere 10 p.m. Thursday, WPXI), based on a Turkish hit TV series, borrows a little from "Stand by Me" and a lot from the 2005 Fox flop "Reunion."

As serialized mysteries go, "Game" isn't terrible but some of it is preposterous enough that viewers may not want to play it again.

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So the show's conceit is that a group of five friends -- four guys, one girl -- were  kids in Houston in the late 1980s. They're involved in an accident and the four boys are sent to a barbarous juvenile detention facility where they face unspecified abuses (some are clearly physical; the pilot suggests some might have been sexual assault, but it's unclear).

Fast-forward to the present and they're all adults. Natural leader Jackson (David Lyons) is a corporate lawyer while the other three boys are scraping by. When one of the guys randomly encounters a former tormentor from prison, he assaults the guy and it's up to Jackson to defend him.

But because this is a thriller circa 2016, there's also conspiracies aplenty. Jackson and Jessie (Bre Blair) share a secret (maybe they killed one of the evil, abusive correctional officers?). And the juvie detention center's warden is involved in a criminal ring with one of his former charges (Carnegie Mellon grad Demetrius Grosse).

As for the preposterous elements, in 1988 Jackson jumps in a car and drives with no experience. Yes, he wrecks it, but he drives it pretty well for a long time before that. Most teens have enough trouble learning to drive.This scene does not pass the believability sniff test.

And then there's the whole hell-like juvenile detention center, which is more believable but would be still more credible if the setting was the 1950s as opposed to 1988.

Perhaps if "Game of Silence" was a one-and-done prospect with fewer obvious turns and plot holes it might merit attention. But I am conspiracy theoried-out and the prospect of a second season -- the first season ends on multiple cliffhangers -- leads me to conclude this isn't a game I'm willing to play.

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