Kit Harrington and Andy Samberg star in HBO's comedy special '7 Days in Hell'

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Andy 7 days

HBO's 41-minute sports mockumentary "7 Days in Hell" (10 p.m. Saturday), about the longest Wimbeldon tennis match ever, should have appeal to more than just fans of "30 for 30"-style sports documentaries and tennis, but only if a viewer is OK with equal opportunity male and female nudity, incluing full frontal male nakedness. Pearl-clutchers beware.

Viewers who find comedy in the nude form and those who appreciate equal opportunity nudity will likely get a kick out of this sophomoric special.

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Written by Murray Miller ("Girls," "American Dad") and starring Andy Samberg ("Brooklyn Nine-Nine") and a babyfaced, beardless Kit Harrington (Jon Snow on "Game of Thrones"), "7 Days in Hell" apes sports documentaries as it recounts the career of American tennis bad boy Aaron Williams (Samberg) -- who was adopted as a child by the father of Serena and Venus Williams ("It was a reverse 'Blindside," Serena says. "We flipped it.").

There are interviews with Williams' celebrity friends (David Copperfield), tennis stars comment (John McEnroe, Chris Everet) and fake commentators chatter away (Fred Armisen, Michael Sheen, Will Forte).

"7 Days" depicts William's rival, Brit Charles Poole (Harrington), as an imbecile who randomly uses the word "indubitably" but obviously doesn't know its meaning (media training fail).

"7 Days in Hell" follows the typical "30 for 30"-style script, deviating primarily in its length. It certainly should have been no longer than 41 minutes but even that seems a bit padded. There's an unnecessary tangent about a Swedish courtroom artist that adds little and could have been cut.

But "7 Days in Hell" is often quite funny, particularly in its sillier moments, including a drunk Queen Elizabeth (June Squidd) calling Poole to demand a win, Williams' reactions to streakers on the tennis court and a digital reenactment of a Swedish prison orgy (major computerized male full frontal nudity in that scene).

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