Some decent laughs with IFC's 'Garfunkel & Oates'

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Cable's IFC may be trying to bury new comedy series "Garfunkel & Oates" (10 p.m. Thursday) -- as of Monday, I'd yet to receive a press kit, which is odd for a new IFC series (turns out IFC did send a screener and kit, I just didn't get them) -- and if that's true, it would be a shame, but it looks like that's not the case, just a shipping screw-up and for that I am glad because this is a gem of a little show.

While the show doesn't have the cachet of, say, Marc Maron's series, it's a funny, entertaining comedy starring the offbeat comedy-folk duo of Riki Lindhome ("New Girl") and Kate Micucci ("Raising Hope," "The Big Bang Theory").

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It's not clear from the one episode online where the show's title comes from -- is one of them Garfunkel and one Oates? as it turns out, yes -- but the episode is quite funny as the pair are inspired by an ex's seemingly mute girlfriend to go on a double blind date and not speak at all to see how long it takes the guys to notice.

Turns out the guys will talk up a storm without the girls with one of the guys assuming Riki is an orphan like him. (Kate's date has an even more outrageous response).

Interestingly, this episode is not one of the ones IFC described as an early episode in June, nor is it what airs Thursday as the premiere (evidently the sampled episode airs third):

In the premiere episode, Riki discovers the consequences of making her boyfriend’s privates public. Once she starts dating a fellow comedian, the tables turn and her overactive gag reflex quickly becomes a punch line in his act. Meanwhile, Kate struggles to look the part for her audition as the “hot slut” against Sir Ben Kingsley. In the second episode, Riki and Kate are confronted with the reality of “Rule 34” — that everything has a porn counterpart — when they come face-to-face with their sex video doppelgangers “Garfinger and Butts.” Trouble arises when their alter egos’ start to overshadow Kate and Riki as they compete for the same gigs.

As a long-time fan of Micucci's ukulele-playing, Manic Pixie Dream Girl persona, I've set a DVR season pass for the series, which was directed by "Wonder Years" vet Fred Savage.

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