From Shark Week to Bark Week on The Hub

Thursday, 14 August 2014 09:24 AM Written by 

There's a pretty good chance many TV viewers know we're at the tail end of Discovery Channel's annual programming event, "Shark Week."

What might be less welll known are all the spin-offs/rip-offs on other networks, including "Bark Week," featured in the video above.

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Yes, now there is "Bark Week," a week of dog-themed programming that begins at 8 p.m. Sunday on kids' network The Hub.

Earlier this month, the Sportsman Channel had a week of pig-themed shows with "The Aporkalypse." And in the most blatant rip-off, National Geographic Chanel is currently airing a week-long "SharkFest," which includes "When Sharks Attack: Panic in Paradise" (7 tonight).

Over at Discovery Channel, "Shark Week" begins its wrapup with the final episode of "Shark After Dark" tonight at 11 with guest Chelsea Handler.

And another "Bark Week" promo, called "Paws":

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