PRESS TOUR: 'Two and a Half Men' goes gay for final season

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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- For the final season of CBS sitcom "Two and a Half Men," Walden (Ashton Kutcher) and Alan (Jon Cryer) will pretend to be gay and get married for the sole purpose of making it easier to adopt a child.


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CBS Entertainment chairman Nina Tassler said Walden has a health scare, leading to an existential crisis where he wants more meaning in his life.

“So he decides he wants to adopt a child," Tassler said. "He starts the process and he realizes it’s very difficult to adopt a child as a single, straight man. So once and for all he decides he’s going to propose to Alan, we’re going to get married, and adopt a child as a gay couple."

So, sort of the old "Three's Company" gag reconfigured (Jack Tripper played gay so he could live with two women).

Tassler said the pair will adopt an older child -- in the 5-to-7 age range -- which suggests the child will come from foster care. While infant adoption through an agency may be more difficult for single, straight men, adopting an older child through foster care probably wouldn't be significantly more difficult than it would be for a single woman. But, whatever, this is a sitcom, not an attempting-to-be-realistic drama.

Tassler indicated the emphasis is going to be more on the notion of marriage equality.

"With the relationship between Walden and Alan, people have always raised questions about Alan's sexuality and it plays into a very public conversation," she said. "It is legal to adopt children and be married as a gay couple. ... [Executive producer] Chuck [Lorre] has been expert at taking very sensitive topics and brought them out into the open. We're gonna talk about this and we're gonna laugh about it."

As for the possibility of original series star Charlie Sheen returning, Tassler said there are no conversations about a Sheen appearance on the show at this time.

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