TV Q&A: 'The Newsroom,' 'Ripper Street,' Emmy nominations and 'The Glades'

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TV Q&A with Rob Owen

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This week's TV Q&A (after the "Read more" jump below) responds to questions about “The Newsroom,” “Ripper Street,” Emmy nominations and “The Glades.”As always, thanks for reading and keep the questions coming.

- Rob Owen, Post-Gazette TV writer

Q: I was wondering whatever happened to “The Glades” on A&E. It was a good show that ended last season with a cliffhanger with the main character getting shot on his wedding day. If this has been canceled could you please give me an address where I could find out how it ended.

- Marsha, Ross Township

Rob: We reported the cancellation of “The Glades” ( last September.

That cliffhanger ending was frustrating to the show’s fans and those who worked on the series. Showrunner Clifton Campbell offers his response to Marsha’s query:

“I appreciate you fielding the question from your reader, and for her interest and support. I can partially answer the question - Jim would definitely have survived the gunshots. The rest of the question isn't something I can answer because, in this age of Kickstarter, crowd sourcing and fan favorite shows coming back from the dead, it would be foolish of me to ‘give away the ending’ and be my own spoiler.

“I will say that the plans for Season 5 began with the development and plotting of Season 4. The network A&E was a little late to the serialized party, which has become so popular with television audiences and they wanted in on that kind of storytelling. ‘The Glades’ was originally designed to be more character-driven and open ended, but early on they pushed us into the blue sky, close-ended show that drew a nice audience and built a fan base. We were challenged with the task of how to open it up to be more serialization while maintaining the fun and pace of the show that had garnered so many loyal fans. I decided the way to do that was to keep doing our show, but have a season long investigation into who shot Jim Longworth on the day of his wedding to Callie, with lots of twists, turns, misdirects and suspects over the entire fifth season -- some the audience already knew and some they would never see coming. At least that was the plan which was thought out, pitched and approved by the network at the start of Season 4.

“Then the new head of programming David McKillop took control of the network and canceled us four days after our season high season ender aired -- and you know the rest. The cancellation took us all by surprise. Why the network chose to handle the cancellation in such a shoddy manner is probably not that big of a mystery -- they want to be AMC hip and cool -- but I'd be willing to bet looking back on the decision and how the network is down YTD 35 percent, they might be questioning the way they handled it and their decision to cancel a show that was doing very well for them, and which caused such fan ire and defection from their network. Of course, they would deny any of this was true and would never admit it. But the numbers don't lie.

“I hope your reader understands why I can't answer the question -- at least not until we're certain that no iteration of ‘The Glades’ (a mini, a movie, another season) is possible. The cast has moved on to other projects, and I have a new series with Fox network -- so it looks to be a way off -- if ever. But impossible? Never. Which is why I must abstain from answering the question -- who shot Jim Longworth.”


Q: Do you know when the third season of HBO's “The Newsroom” is being broadcast? Thanks.

- Jerry, 59, Pittsburgh

Rob: So far HBO has not announced a premiere date for the third and final season of the Aaron Sorkin drama. The premium cable network is saying “fall,” though I get the impression it might be later fall rather than earlier in the fall.


Q: TNT still has not made the first eight episodes from season three of “Dallas,” aired earlier this year, available for viewing on their website or on demand. They were supposed to be available in July. Any idea if and when they will air before the new eight episodes start airing in mid August?

- Bruce, 55, Raleigh, N.C.

Rob: The schedule the show’s TNT publicist provided said those episodes were to become available online and via on demand on Thursday.

Q: Just read the Emmy nominations. I was very surprised that Audra McDonald got no nomination for "The Sound of Music." Please explain how the show was put into the variety category and not as a movie or miniseries. I realize it's not really a miniseries, but variety?

- Sheila, 61, New Castle
Producers get to choose their category and given the generally scathing reviews of “The Sound of Music Live!” producers were probably wise to avoid going up against other programs in the movie category. Also, it was not nominated in the variety category; rather it was nominated in the Outstanding Special Class Program category up against the Golden Globes, The Oscars, the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games Opening Ceremony and the 67th Annual Tony Awards, all live programs like “The Sound of Music Live!”

But it is confusing because the show also received nominations for directing a variety special and video controls and music composition for a movie/mini-series/special.


Q: I'm not sure if it's too late to ask, but if you happen to be around anyone from BBC America during your press tour, could you please ask them to clarify when Season 3 of “Ripper Street” will be broadcast? We know that in the UK it will be shown on Amazon Prime first and then on the BBC some weeks/months later. Will that be the case in the US, too? Or will it be shown exclusively on BBC America sometime in 2015?
- Linda, 48, Monroeville
I should have anticipated this question because “Ripper Street” fans are die-hards!

Linda’s query did come in the day after my in-person access to BBC America executives at the TV critics press tour but I was able to get the network to confirm “Ripper Street” will be back on BBC America in 2015. There was no mention of an Amazon Prime run in the U.S. so I’m pretty sure that Amazon-first deal is limited to Amazon in the U.K.


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