PRESS TOUR: It's not a vampire that lives 'Forever' in ABC show

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ForeverBEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- ABC's "Forever" probably benefits from the fact that few viewers will remember Fox's 2008 drama "New Amsterdam." Both shows are about immortal guys who don't want to be immortal anymore.

In "Forever" (previews 10 p.. Sept. 22), Ioan Griffith ("Horatio Hornblower") stars as a New York medical examiner who dies and then comes back to life in a body of water.

Executive producer Matt Miller ("Human Target") said he came up with the idea of the series when his 5-year-old son asked, "Daddy, will you die someday?"

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Miller's initial response was, of course I'll never die but then he thought he shouldn't lie so he said, "I will die someday but it won't be a for a very long time and by then you will probably want me to be dead," at which point his son burst into tears, his wife rushed in to take overand Miller was banished. 

"I got to thinking about it and what if a character couldn't die... and the curse of immortality, the affliction," Miller said, particularly the notion of outliving his son.


As for similarities to "New Amsterdam," Miller was unaware of it until he read comments online on stories about ABC picking up "Forever."


"I had not seen the show. I understand in hindsight it was on Fox and Fox had made an offer on this show so they didn't see it as being too similar and they were obviously very familiar with it," Miller said.

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