PRESS TOUR: 'Sharknado 2' roars ashore but stars Ian Ziering and Tara Reid initially hated the title

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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- Members of the Television Critics Association gathered around The Beverly Hilton pool Monday night for a screening of "Sharknado 2: The Second One" (9 p.m. July 30, Syfy), the follow-up to last summer's social media phenomenon.

The second film leans into the humor more than the first one and it is filled with cameos by actors with good reputations (Judd Hirsch from "Taxi" as a New York taxi driver, naturally) and the infamous (think: Perez Hilton and former WPGH sports anchor Kurt Angle), and they all share one thing in common: They clearly wanted to be shark bait.

"Sharknado" stars Ian Ziering and Tara Reid were also on hand along with director Anthony C. Ferrante, who once toiled among TV critics and is now on the other side of journalists' tape recorders.

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Even the "Sharknado" stars were surprised by its success last summer, with Ziering admitting he only really did the film was to earn enough to cover his insurance through SAG-AFTRA.

"I told my wife, I don't think this is something I should do and she said, with daughter Mia on her lap and Penna still in her belly, 'Look, you need to go to work, we're gonna have a baby in April.' I thought, damn, I better take one for the team," Ziering said. "You have to make so much to get the insurance with SAG and this met that requirement but I did it begrudgingly."

When Ziering and Reid signed onto the first film it was called "Dark Skies." A week into filming when producers told them the title was changing to "Sharknado," they freaked out.

"'Dark Skies' sounded legit, that wouldn't be bad on the resume," Reid said. "When they told us the title was changing to 'Sharknado,' I was on the phone with my agent, Ian's on the phone with his agent. We had a conversation, 'Let's pull out. We can't put 'Sharknado' on our resumes. It's gonna ruin everything.'"

Instead, "Sharknado" became a sensation.

I'll have more on "Sharknado 2" in the Post-Gazette later this month.

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