TV Q&A: 'Mad Men,' 'White Collar,' 'Fargo' and 'Drop Dead Diva'

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TV Q&A with Rob Owen

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This week's TV Q&A (after the "Read more" jump below) responds to questions about“Mad Men,” “White Collar” and “Drop Dead Diva.” As always, thanks for reading and keep the questions coming.

- Rob Owen, Post-Gazette TV writer

Q: Haven't heard anything about “Haven” or “White Collar” being renewed.  Will either show be returning?

- Ron, 61, Bethel Park

Rob: In March we reported that “White Collar” has been renewed for what’s likely to be a final, six-episode season. No air date has been announced but my guess is fall or early 2015.

This fall 13 new episodes of “Haven” will air but no premiere date has been announced.


Q: Lifetime has been promoting "Drop Dead Diva" as the final season but I read that it was renewed. Which is it, do you know?

- Judy, 57, Pittsburgh

Rob: The show was canceled once, then renewed and now it’s been canceled again.


Q: Has “The Newsroom” been renewed on HBO or canceled?

- Jean Ann, via email

Rob: It has been renewed for a third and final season. No premiere date has been announced but my guess is it will air sometime this fall.

Q: I missed the first eight episodes of “Dallas” on TNT that ran from Feb-April.
Any idea if they will air again before the next new eight episodes air starting in August? They are unavailable on demand and the full episodes are not on the TNT website.
Also, will ABC ever air or make available on its website the remaining episodes from the miniseries, “The Assets”?
- Bruce, Raleigh

Rob: “Dallas” episodes that aired earlier this year will be available on in July for online streaming. No word if they will re-air on the linear channel.

ABC will burn off the remaining episodes of “The Assets” on Saturdays beginning at 9 p.m. June 21 and running until July 26.


Q: There were SOOO many great shows back in the ‘50s up to the late ‘80s. Why is it that TV Land or Nick only shows the SAME things over and over again until we're sick of them? My mom started watching The Raymond Channel half a year ago and is already sick and tired of seeing the same episodes played over and over and 24/7!! Why don't those channels EVER expand their horizons? They should show, "Soap," "Benson," "It's About Time," "Benny Hill," "Chuck," "Bosom Buddies," "Hot L Baltimore," "The Man From Uncle," "Mission: Impossible," "Honey West," "Secret Agent," "The Avengers," "T. H. E. Cat," and lots of others that you never get to see anymore.  "Bewitched," "I Dream Of Jeanie," "Gilligan's Island," "All In The Family," "MASH," and others are great shows, but they've been played to death!
Why won't TV Land and Nick run any of those I mentioned above?

- Dale, 56, Pittsburgh
Because those shows do not draw the younger viewers advertisers (and therefore networks) crave.

Q: I thought Leno presented Arsenio Hall with a letter saying his show was picked up. Now they announce it is not?  What's the deal?

- Sharon via email

Rob: The ratings declined and the renewal was rescinded and replaced with a cancellation notice. But now there is talk of a possible revival.


Q: Loved your recent article on “Fargo”!  Great show!  I'm really enjoying it! I missed the first episode though and have been trying to find a link or even a pay download to watch it. I can't find anything! Any links or tips would be appreciated.

- Peggy, 67, Pleasant Hills 

Rob: As of earlier this week, The “Fargo” pilot was available at Hulu by connecting through your cable provider. It’s also available via iTunes.


Q: For the last two weeks, my DVR recordings of “Fargo” have lacked closed captioning.  I even recorded it twice last week, thinking it was an error in the first showing, but neither recording had the captions (in spite of the CC logo at the beginning of the show). We were able to watch both episodes with closed captioning On Demand, but that entailed sitting through commercials. Should we expect this lack to be ongoing? We watch via Comcast, but we have two homes and had the same issue in both: Comcast in Murrysville and Comcast in Sarasota, Fla. So I don't think it was specific to location. 
- Kay, Murrysville

Rob: FX says this was not their issue so it must be something with Comcast, which looked into the matter and figured it out.

“Our technicians and engineers immediately investigated and confirmed there was a closed captioning issue with FX,” Comcast’s Bob Grove wrote in an e-mail. “We believe the issue was caused by malfunctioning equipment at one of our facilities, and the issue has been corrected. The accessibility page on has more information on closed captioning and how to contact the Accessibility Center of Excellence at”

Thanks to Kay for bringing to light a problem that has since been resolved.


Q: Now that Chelsea Handler's show has announced an end date on E!, do you think another cable network will pick her up or will she fade away? I love her show by the way and hope it is picked up

- Linda, 50, Cecil

Rob: I don’t know that anyone will pick up this show specifically but I imagine Handler will find a new gig.

Q: Some shows, like “Mad Men,” come in every week at 64 minutes instead of an hour. Why is this? Do they sell more advertising time or what?

- Joyce, 47, Scott Township
AMC and FX allow their shows to run long both to satisfy the creative impulses of their showrunners and to eke out a little more show time, which means additional revenue from added commercial time.

Q: I'm looking for some info on an old public TV program. It was possibly “American Playhouse.”

I only really remember the plot of the piece: It's set during the waning days of network radio, so say the late 1950s or early 1960s.
It's the story of the last weeks of a national morning radio show hosted by a husband-and-wife team. Think something like the radio show hosted by Dorothy Kilgallen and her husband Richard Kolmar.
That's all I recall.  Any help is appreciated.

- Eric, 53, Pittsburgh
“American Playhouse” ceased airing in 1993, a bit before my time as a professional TV critic. I was able to dig up a list of “American Playhouse” productions but none of the titles suggest they are about a radio show. So I throw this one open to readers. Any idea of the title of the show Eric is trying to find?


Q: What’s the status of replacing Jory Rand at KDKA-TV? I hope they give it to Mike Zappone.

- Mrs. Sherman via voicemail

Rob: According to KDKA-TV general manger Chris Pike, the station is early in the search process for a replacement, and is considering internal and external candidates.



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