TV Q&A: 'Fargo,' 'Sullivan & Son' and 'Those Who Kill'

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TV Q&A with Rob Owen

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This week's TV Q&A (after the "Read more" jump below) responds to questions about “Fargo,” “Sullivan & Son” and “Those Who Kill.” As always, thanks for reading and keep the questions coming.

- Rob Owen, Post-Gazette TV writer

Q: I’m a fan of “Those Who Kill” and I read your weekly columns on the show, which I find interesting. I’m one of those people who got hooked up on the first day when it premiered after “Bates Motel” on March 3.  I was quite disappointed that it was taken out of A&E and given to LMN for lack of viewership/ratings.

I love the writing, the morbid and gory details and the background of the characters.  

I would hope (and I’ve written to A&E and LMN about this) that the show could run its first season again during the “down” months of the summer on A&E.  I believe that it deserves a second chance. 

Maybe they shouldn’t have placed it after “Bates Motel” because that’s a younger audience that would not understand the complexities of Sevigny’s and D’Arcy’s characters.

I’m ready to accept that “TWK” will not be renewed for a second season – but canceling the show in the middle of a good plot is so unjust!

The same thing happened a few years ago with ABC-TV’s “V” series – they left the fans hanging when it was not renewed for a third season.

I know that A&E has a gold mine with “Duck Dynasty” and “Storage Wars” and couldn’t care less about “TWK” – but placing this show after “The First 48” (or some such law enforcement show) over the summer would be beneficial, in my opinion.

- Silvie, 48, Waldorf, MD

Rob: Unfortunately, summer is considered cable’s primary season. It’s where cable networks really make an effort to the point that even broadcast networks now make an effort with original programming in summer, too.

The reality is that even though no official confirmation of the show’s demise has come from A&E, “Those Who Kill” is sure to be canceled.

As for my weekly recaps, those got disrupted this week by travel and next week by the upfronts but I’ll be sure to blog again after the season/series finale later this month.


Q: On the Season finale of “Glee,” do you expect Naya Rivera to make an appearance? She really is a fine actress and singer and I feel there is no reason not to have her on the season finale.

- Marilyn, 54, Cecil

Rob: The show’s Fox publicist did not respond to Marilyn’s query but published reports suggest Rivera will not be in the season finale but that she also has not been fired from the show as some earlier reports suggested. 


Q: I love the closing theme music on “Fargo.” Would you know what the name is and who performs it?

- Jean, 75, Lower Burrell

Rob: A publicist for “Fargo” explained there are two pieces of music that run over the “Fargo” credits:

The music that plays over the Main Title Credits (which include the main cast, EPs, Consulting Producers, Director, Writer, etc.) at the end for Episodes 101 and 102 is:

Song Title:  Bemidji, MN (Fargo Series Main Theme)*

By: Jeff Russo (The composer on Fargo)

Main Title Credits (which include the main cast, EPs, Consulting Producers, Director, Writer, etc.) at end for Episodes 103 is:

Sing Title:  "Requiem Op. 48 - Libera Me" 

By: Gabriel Fauré

*Nearly all of the episodes will utilize the Fargo Series Main Theme for the Main Title Credits. They’re still editing episodes but as of right now it looks like there are two episodes that will not use this music – Ep. 103 (info listed above) and possibly Eps 106 or 107

The end credits music that plays over the end credit crawl* for all episodes is:

Song Title:  Highway Snow (Fargo Series End Theme

By: Jeff Russo (The composer on Fargo)

*The credit crawl includes additional producers, guest stars, casting, etc.

Another song used in the show that has generated questions is “Full Moon” by Eden Ahbez.


Q: When will “Longmire” and “The Bridge” be back on TV?

- Elisa via email

Rob: FX has not announced an exact return date for “The Bridge” but it is expected to be back in July.

“Longmire” returns to A&E at 10 p.m. June 2.

Q: What happened to “Sullivan & Son”? Great show!!!

- Kathy, 57, South Hills

Rob: Nothing happened to it. TBS airs the show in summer and it will be back at 10 p.m. June 24. Kunal Nayyar (“The Big Bang Theory”), Ken Jeong (“Community”) and Swissvale native Billy Gardell (“Mike & Molly”) are set to reprise their guest starring roles this season.


Q: I have been told that Allegheny County Council meetings are recorded for future showings ON DEMAND, but they hardly ever are shown. With all the controversy about the gas well digging at Deer Lakes Park, I think the public should be kept informed. We all can't attend the council meetings live.

- Dick, 81, Bethel Park

Rob: Comcast spokesman Bob Grove said, “Meetings are posted On Demand after we receive them, and customers can view them by selecting Get Local/Government/County Council. We are working with Council’s production company to streamline that process.”


Q: Does it really matter money-wise where a local station finishes in the sweeps?

- James, 68, Plum

Rob: Absolutely. Each tenth of a ratings point is worth a dollar amount. So ratings matter a lot to local stations. Ratings during sweeps month – we’re in May sweeps now as evidenced by the promos for special reports -- are used to set future advertising rates. Household ratings are less important than demo ratings. The primary news demo is adults 25-54.



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