TV Q&A: 'The Crazy Ones,' 'The Millers' and 'Doc Martin'

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TV Q&A with Rob Owen

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This week's TV Q&A (after the "Read more" jump below) responds to questions about “The Crazy Ones,” “The Millers” and “Doc Martin.” As always, thanks for reading and keep the questions coming.

- Rob Owen, Post-Gazette TV writer

 Q: I wanted to know why there are no “CSI: NY” reruns being shown. Loved that series as well as all the other “CSI” shows. The other shows are always being shown. TNT had it listed once but it was on at 1 a.m.
Also, is there a reason that Verizon doesn't show on their TV Listings when a season finale or series finale is coming up? I know they do a lot of ads for them, but I switch channels when a commercial break comes up.
- Rita, Brookline

Rob: “CSI: NY” continues to air on TNT, including showings in the wee hours of Friday morning at 2, 3 and 4 a.m. There’s always a reason for programming decisions such as this. Usually when a series is floated to late night it’s because when the program aired at a more reasonable hour the ratings were disappointing.

As for Verizon’s FiOS TV listings, it sounds like their guide does not label season/series finales. With the help of Verizon spokesman Lee Gierczynski, I checked this against the DirecTV guide, which accurately labels the May 1 episode of IFC’s “Portlandia” a “season finale.”

“The episode is labeled new but nothing indicates that it is the season finale,” Gierczynski said. “The guide, overall, does not include labels for season finales unless they are included in the program descriptions.”


Q: Is the new “Fargo” TV series really based on real events? It says so in the pilot, but I did a Web search and I couldn't find any news reports of the underlying crimes.

- Bob, 33, Squirrel Hill

Rob: It is not based on real events. That “true story” convention comes from the 1996 movie, which also claimed to be based on a true story but was not.

Q: Why did ABC cancel “Mind Games”? I loved that show. It was a great mix of comedy and drama.

- Christine, Greenfield

Rob: Poor writer Kyle Killen, who loves exploring themes of duality, has three strikes after his third consecutive series flopped. Killen’s first show, Fox’s 2010 effort, “Lone Star,” remains my favorite. NBC’s “Awake” was too dark and unending; “Mind Games” was the most conventional of the three shows, but it failed due to low ratings like most shows do.


Q: The most recent "Community" episode really felt a lot like a series finale. Has "Community" been canceled?

- Jessica, 28, Squirrel Hill

Rob: Not yet. NBC will likely make a decision on the fate of “Community” next month. Once again the show is on the bubble for renewal. It’s hard to even speculate which way it might go. NBC has tried niche shows like “Community” on Thursday to ratings failure and it has tried broader shows on Thursday, which have done even worse in the ratings.


Q: Is "The Crazy Ones" being canceled and how are it and "The Millers" doing in the ratings?

- Sheila, 61, New Castle
CBS has yet to announce a decision on the future of “The Crazy Ones.” The season finale aired last week and I think it could go either way but I’d probably lean more toward it being canceled if CBS likes some of its pilots better.

“The Millers” has already been renewed for the 2014-15 TV season.

Q: I'm a fan of “Doc Martin” (9 p.m. Saturday, WQED-TV). Recently they switched back to old episodes and I'm wondering why and if there are any new ones to see.
The last new episode was a cliffhanger so we are all up in the air over what happened. I will be waiting to hear from you because when I send questions to QED I don't get a response.

- Patricia, 82, Homestead Park

Rob: We reported last on “Doc Martin” in December and since then WQED has aired the entire sixth season.

“All episodes of season six of ‘Doc Martin’ have aired and we have been airing repeats for which we have rights,” explained WQED spokesman George Hazimanolis. “We have not received word from American Public Television (APT), the distributor of ‘Doc Martin,’ if and when a new season will be produced.

“’Doc Martin’ is not part of the programming schedule that we receive from PBS, so it must be purchased separately. Viewer contributions to WQED allow us to purchase additional programming like this.”

The show’s star announced a seventh season is in the works. ( But it’s going to be a long wait.

“Sadly, the team won't go back into production until May/June 2015,” said APT spokeswoman Jamie Haines. “That means that public television stations would not be broadcasting Season 7 of ‘Doc Martin’ until January 2016 at the earliest!
We have just received another special produced in earlier years, and have re-released some earlier seasons of the series and hope the encore broadcasts will help viewers get through the long Port Wenn-less months!”

No word yet whether WQED plans to air the special from earlier years.


Q: I noticed that both KDKA and WTAE used footage of the driver that went on a rampage on the South Side and slammed into multiple cars and into a building without giving credit to the person that shot the footage and put it on YouTube.  I thought stations gave credit to the photographers.  Has the policy changed?
- Gerry, 47, Baldwin
Did the person who uploaded the footage to YouTube identify themselves by name or by an online alias? That would be my first question. But I was curious what KDKA and WTAE have in place as policy on the matter so I asked the news directors of both stations. Neither KDKA’s Anne Linaberger nor WTAE’s Justin Antoniotti responded, which is too bad because it’s a pretty simple question.

I looked on YouTube for the likely clip and found this one posted on April 19:

It was posted by “RANS87IROCZ.” Clicking on that alias provides no other information. Stations could try to message RANS87IROCZ and ask for his true identity, but who knows if they did. If those efforts yielded no fruit, I think my policy would be to just make it clear the video was posted to YouTube and provide the online moniker of the person posting. Not sure what more local stations could do beyond that.


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