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PBS's "Peg + Cat" (9 a.m. and 3 p.m. weekdays, WQED-TV), from South Side-based Fred Rogers Company, debuted last fall but like all animated shows, after its initial launch, new episodes arrived more sporadically among reruns.

Four new episodes of the PBS Kids series will debut next week, including one where the heroes become Super Peg and Cat Guy and use math and creative thinking to defeat Arch Villain.

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Here's the PBS description of the new episodes:

It’s a bird…It’s a plane…It’s Super PEG! Beginning May 5PBS KIDS will air four new episodes of the hit math and problem-solving series PEG + CATIn “Super PEG Week,” Peg and Cat go on all-new adventures and journey to a variety of places, including the town of Mathtropolis, where “Super Peg” and “Cat Guy” (comic book superhero versions of the dynamic duo) must use math and creative thinking to defeat the “Arch Villain” and save the day. The action-packed episodes include challenges that highlight foundational math concepts such as shapes, lines, ordinal numbers and spatial relationships.

Arch Villain-2.jpgPEG + CAT debuted on PBS KIDS in 2013 from The Fred Rogers Company. PEG + CAT is a multiplatform media property, including a TV series that airs daily on PBS KIDS (check local listings), a mobile app called PEG + CAT Big Gig, a robust digital experience atpbskids.org/peg and related offline activities that parents and kids can enjoy together. For additional information on PEG + CAT’s four new adventures, see below.

In addition, May 19 marks the debut of three new episodes from everyone’s favorite monkeyCurious George, as he heads to space in “Curious George Goes to Mars.” Stay tuned for more details on George’s upcoming adventures on the Red Planet!


“PEG + CAT Super PEG Week” – Episode Air Dates and Descriptions


“The Arch Villain Problem/The Straight and Narrow Problem” (#120) – Premieres May 7, 2014

“The Arch Villain Problem”: When the Arch Villain wreaks havoc on the city of Mathtropolis by turning everything into arches, Super Peg and Cat Guy come to the rescue. 

“The Straight and Narrow Problem”: Super Peg and Cat Guy trail the Arch Villain, who has given up his archways and gone on a rampage with straight and narrow shapes instead.

Included Math Concepts: Understanding straight, narrow and curved line shapes; counting sides to determine shapes; counting by tens to 100.

“The Play Date Problem/The Blabberwocky Problem” (#122) – Premieres May 6, 2014

“The Play Date Problem”: Peg and Cat use the power of music and patterns to help their friends Beethoven and the Three Bears play together – and make incredible music together. 

“The Blabberwocky Problem”: Peg and Cat are back as the Knights of the Round Table to reclaim their friends’ missing shapes – and their own Round Table– from the mysterious 100-headed creature, The Blabberwocky.

            Included Math Concepts: Identifying patterns audibly; identifying shapes.

“The Perfect Ten Problem/The Long Line Problem” (#117) – Premieres May 7, 2014

“The Perfect Ten Problem”: Peg and Cat are judging a singing competition in which all performers must get a rating of exactly ten stars.

“The Long Line Problem”: While waiting in a long line, Peg and Cat try to help Richard realize his dream of being first in line for the first time.

Included Math Concepts: Ordinal numbers, how to use a number line; counting to 20; positional relationships.

“The Clown Problem/The Ninja Problem” (#121) – Premieres May 8, 2014

“The Clown Problem”: Peg and Cat help Mac achieve his dream of being a clown in the circus by teaching him how funny it can be when things are exactly the wrong size. 

“The Ninja Problem”: Peg and Cat help their young Ninja-wannabe friend Aki find the fifteen missing cherry blossom trees by using Ninja skills and math skills.

            Included Math Concepts: Sizes and shapes; numbers and counting.


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