'Those Who Kill': Episode 7

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LMN's pittsburgh-set "Those Who Kill" -- formerly A&E's "Those Who Kill" -- continued its story from the previous week in Sunday's episode. The Lurker (Rod Rowland) serial killer had taken a suburban Pittsburgh family hostage and this week's episode picks up with him whispering sweet-nothings to the mom, who he's now treating as his wife while she's tied up in "their" bed. Super-disturbing.

Thomas Schaeffer (James D'Arcy) had a flashback to his childhood when his brother killed a nest of baby birds.

"Those Who Kill": The feel-good serial killer drama of the year!

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 Jensen's work colleagues gossip about her recent "disconnect" and how she seems distracted.

Cut to Cheese Dad (Kyle Bornheimer) as home with his Cheese Family, which can only mean one thing: Jensen is about to do something creepy. She's planted a camera in their kitchen and watches it on a tablet in her car outside the house while sipping a beverage and eating yogurt.

Location alert: Schaeffer sees his son acting like his brother so he takes his son to look at Western Penetantiary where Schaeffer's brother is a prison for killinghis wife. Schaeffer talks to his son about looking at pictures of scantily-clad women at the same time as bloody crime scene photos. Alrighty then! That's a tough conversation to watch. But it makes Schaeffer a slightly more interesting character than usual.

Meanwhile, Jensen and her mustachioed colleague ID the Lurker and raid his home while he re-enacts murdering his own family with other peoples' families. 

"Those Who Kill" drinking game activated: Lurker uses the Pittsburghese word that rhymes with shmagoff. Everybody drink!

The cops find the Lurker in suburbia and, of course, Jensen goes in and plays mind games with him. It doesn't go entirely smoothly as the Lurker uses two kids as hostages.

In under-developed plot-land, Schaeffer's wife almost has a miscarriage.

A sniper takes out the Lurker, the kids are saved thanks to crazy Jensen. To celebrate, she tells Cheese Dad she's been spying on him and his family and then breaks it off, telling him, "You have a nice family. Don't screw it up."

Only three episode left to go before "Those Who Kill" breathes its last. Curious to see which cliffhanger ending executive producer Glen Morgan picks to leave the show's few viewers hanging on.

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