'Those Who Kill': Episode 4

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TWK ep 4After last week's "Those Who Kill" episode, we knew the killer was a woman, and this week the cops of Pittsburgh's homicide unit eventually figure it out, too, in an episode written by showrunner Glen Morgan.

Dr. Schaeffer (James D'Arcy) makes out with his pregnant wife in their kitchen until interrupted by their son in a montage sequence that also shows off the North Shore, the Three Rivers, Heinz Field, the David L. Lawrence Convention Center and boss Bisgaard (James Morrison) in University of Pittsburgh cycling gear.

Catherine Jensen (Chloe Sevigny) is found sleeping on a sofa at the office. She wants to be part of the interview with a suspect who is not, as it turns out, the real killer. Viewers see the Killer Woman chopping up and burying a body.

Catherine goes to mass with her mom (Kathy Baker, "Picket Fances") but says she may have to leave before communion. Mom invites Catherine to her stepfather's charity auction, which will be full of Pittsburgh sports memorabilia. (And a Warhol print!)

"They're auctioning a Sideny Crosby stick, you better go to protect me," mom says.

"You're the mom, you're supposed to protect me," Catherine says, an allusion to her belief that her stepfather, Judge Burgess (Bruce Davison), is a serial killer responsible for the death of her missing brother.

Mom says she protected her kids, financially, by marrying Howard Burgess. Mom lights a candle for the missing brother.

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The Killer Woman prays to God for forgiveness for "all the lives I have taken, including the one I will take today."

Schaeffer discusses his work with his son while disassembling a clock, explaining, "If I figured out a human was broken, took out all their pieces, spead them on the table, then that person would never work again."

There's a reference to the dearth of Hispanics in Pittsburgh by the show's Iranian cop, who sympathizes with wrongfully accused suspect Diego: "You think you've got it rough."

"Worth living here, though, for the pierogies," Jensen says.

This episode has more authentic Pittsburgh references than the last episode and it also fills in the back story of Catherine's brother more than any previous episode. It's a breath of fresh air, but it comes three episodes too late.

Diego fingers a woman as the killer after they watch a video from a funeral, says she's his half-brother's bio mom. I think that was the relation; the show wasn't interesting enough to prevent my attention from drifting. Really, this show is not good enough to warrant the attention to detail it routinely demands.

A nursing home resident asks the Killer Woman what time the Pirates play today.

Jensen proves the theory about the Killer Woman by lifting up Schaeffer. Then the Killer Woman murders an annoying nursing home patient. (What? He kept hitting his buzzer. The old man clearly had it coming.)

Then I think the Killer Woman got on a PAT bus at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Negley. I could be wrong about the location but that's what it looked like and I once lived in an apartment building at that intersection.

Jensen asks her stepfather for help on the case again, which leads to a nice, knowing interplay given her belief about him as a killer. "It's a hell of a thing to accuse a man of raping a child. There's always consequences," the judge says.

Schaeffer calls a McKee Women's Shelter worker a rhymes-with-shmagoff (Pittsburgh slang alert!).

Eventually the Killer Woman goes to the home of the man who raped and impregnated her decades ago in Clairton (near Grape Way). A chase follows and, through the magic of TV editing, she ends up on what apepars to be the 31st Street Bridge, where she jumps to her death with a great view of Downtown. (A Giant Eagle billboard shows up in the background.)

Overall, it was the best episode of the series so far (certainly in regard to local references and character backstory), but that's a low bar to clear. 



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