Smart, silly 'Portlandia' back for fourth season

Thursday, 27 February 2014 08:49 AM Written by 

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Most sketch comedy shows decline with age but IFC's "Portlandia" (10 tonight) continues to show signs of smart, savvy, new comic life in its fourth season.

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Stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein seem just as game as ever to comment on the absurdities of everyday life in as absurd a fashion as possible.

While "Portlandia" is generally revered for its mockery of hipster culture and counter-culture, the series just as often sends up mainstream culture. That's evident in each of the first four episodes of the new season that were made available for review.

In tonight's season premiere, Kirsten Dunst gets terrorized "Scream"-style by ghosts who parrot articles and NPR reports on what is good or bad for a person (too much sleep vs. not enough sleep, etc.).

In the third episode, Carrie decies to ditch all forms of online social media and she becomes invisible to Fred. A "human bandwidth manager" tells Carrie Pink retweeted him (his tweet: "An abacus is a machine you can really count on"), which made his day.

"I can't wait to miss out on jokes like that," Carrie says.

Episode four includes a sketch on what it might be like if NPR listeners tailgated before a "Prairie Home Companion" taping.

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