Another 'Top Chef' iteration, this time in Spanish

Thursday, 13 February 2014 12:14 PM Written by 

Top Chef participants2PASADENA, Calif. -- Bravo's "Top Chef" is getting a broadcast channel spin-off on Spanish-language broadcast network Telemundo (well, a broadcast channel in some places; it's still a cable channel in Pittsburgh).

The new show, "Top Chef Estrellas" (translation: "Top Chef Stars"), is a competition featuring Latin market celebrities, including Christian de la Campa, Christian Chavez, Cynthia Olavarria, David Chocarro (pictured below), Erika de la Rosa, Fernando Arau,  Lorena Herrera and Dra. Nancy Alvarez.

"Top Chef Estrellas," which will be broadcast in Spanish, premieres at 8 p.m. Sunday. 

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Top Chef David ChocarroThis new "Top Chef" iteration is produced for Telemundo by Magical Elves, the same company that makes the original "Top Chef."

"The other new and exciting thing about the series is that celebrities are competing, and no one's packing their knives and going home, which is a first," said Casey Kriley," senior vice president of current programming for Magical Elves. "The celebrity aspect really provides a new kind of flavor and fun to the series. It's a fish out of water. It's always fun to see celebrities do things they don't know how to do and out of their element. And it allows you to get to know them more on a personal level, which, I think, is what's great about this series and also makes it really family-friendly."

"Top Chef Estrellas" was shot on the "Top Chef" set in New Orleans.

"What I love about this series is that we have upheld the "Top Chef" brand quality in terms of the look and style and feel of the show," Kriley said. "Once the celebrities are eliminated, they don't leave the competition. They become sous chefs, and so we get to know them even more on a personal level, which is really fun and exciting."


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