TV Q&A: 'Sleepy Hollow,' 'The Mentalist' and 'Sherlock'

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TV Q&A with Rob Owen

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This week's TV Q&A (after the "Read more" jump below) responds to questions about “Sleepy Hollow,” “The Mentalist” and “Sherlock.” As always, thanks for reading and keep the questions coming.

Rob Owen, Post-Gazette TV writer

Q: Politics and feelings aside I have a question about the Golden Globes. They had to know Woody Allen would not show up to accept the award as he is a notorious no-show whenever he is nominated. Why offer him the award when you know he won’t show up? I understand nominees can’t show up because of schedule conflicts (there seemed to be quite a few at the GGs), but why was there no one who stood up and said, "No, he won’t show up and it will look odd" when someone pitched the idea of giving Woody Allen the Cecil B. DeMille award?

- Mike, 40, Pittsburgh
My guess is that they didn’t care whether he’d show up. They thought he was worth honoring and so they gave him the award regardless of his presence knowing they could get a big-name to give the tribute since it’s the tribute-giver who is usually on screen longer.

Q: When the second series of "Sherlock" is aired on PBS soon, will the episodes be edited from what was aired on the BBC or the complete episodes as aired there? I keep getting different answers.
-Chuck, 51, Scott Township

Rob: The episodes that air in the U.S. will not be edited from what aired in the U.K., per a “Masterpiece Mystery!” publicist.

Q: I missed a few episodes of my favorite shows this year (DVR mixups!), like “Person of Interest” and “Revolution.” The official show websites only have one to six episodes back available. Presumably, eventually the whole season will be available from iTunes or Netflix, but is there a way, either for free or for pay, to see episodes I missed this year right now? For example, is Episode 8 of Season 3 (this season) of “Person of Interest” available anywhere? (Hulu? Amazon Prime? NetFlix?) How would I find it?

-Brad, 57, Pittsburgh
Well, you can always do a search on the websites you suggest or try, which allows you to search for shows (it seems to work better in Chrome than Firefox). I was able to find a listing for “Revolution” and it appears that all the episodes of that series are available from different sites. says episode eight of “Person of Interest” is available on Amazon, iTunes and Vudu


Q: I'm a fan of "Person of Interest" but missed the return on Jan. 7 after the holiday hiatus.  No problem, right?  Wrong.  I have Comcast and tried to get the episode OnDemand but nothing was listed after Dec. 31.  I waited a week but checked each day and that episode still is not available.  "NCIS," a CBS series, is available but "NCIS: Los Angeles," also on CBS, is not.  I was finally able to catch "POI" on but, of course, it was on the small screen.
Do you know who makes the decision or how the decision is made as to what is available OnDemand? Sounds like a producer's decision rather than a network decision.

- Paul, 68, West Mifflin
As we’ve said before, which platforms a show is available on is often part of negotiations between a show’s production company – the company that owns the show – and the network that airs the show. And the answer varies often by show or at least by studio-network deal.

Using is a great way to find out on which platform you can find a show and there are devices available -- including Veebeam and Google Chromecast -- that allow you to watch a show from a website on your big-screen TV.


Q: I am really enjoying “The Mentalist” once again now that Red John is history.  I was wondering if Wayne and Grace were also going to be on the show now.  They haven't been seen since the first show after Red John's death.

- Gloria, Cranberry

Rob: According to the show’s CBS publicist, the Wayne and Grace characters are still part of the cast and will appear in upcoming episodes. In fact, they’ll be in the show’s next original episode but it won’t air until March 9.


Q: I have become a fan of the Fox series "Sleepy Hollow." I have been reading, and understand, this first season will be ending at the end of this month. What I couldn't find was when season two will start (if it's this fall, it will be a long eight or nine months). Until then, what will replace it next month?

 - Jon, 58, Lower Burrell          

Rob: Yes, after “Sleepy Hollow” ends with a two-hour season finale on Monday it won’t be back until fall. It’s scheduling similar to cable programs, which we’re seeing more on broadcast channels and will continue to see more of. Viewers need to get used to it.

“The Following” will join “Almost Human” on Mondays this month.


Q: Do you know if the five remaining, unaired episodes of “Poirot” are going to be included in this year's slate of shows for PBS's Mystery?
And if so, do you know when they will begin? There were five new movies made and aired in the UK last year, including "Curtain," Poirot's last case.
- Dennis, 57, McKees Rocks
PBS says “Poirot” episodes will air on “Masterpiece Mystery!” in 2014. My guess is that will be in the summer.

Q: Are there any plans for KDKA/WPCW to broadcast the “Nightly Sports Call” in HD?

- Matt, 23, Pittsburgh
KDKA/WPCW general manager Chris Pike said the show will go HD sometime in 2014 but there’s no more specific time table yet for that to happen.

Q: I read your write-up on Mike Harvey and noted he was in the Coast Guard and on an ice breaker in Michigan. I too was on an ice breaker in Michigan in 1950-1952 called the Mackinaw. I'm wondering if he was on the same ship. Would you have the answer?

- Art, 83, Lower Burrell

Rob: It was the same ship.

Harvey said he served aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw in the mid-1980s.

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