PRESS TOUR: Filmed-in-Pittsburgh 'Those Who Kill' cast meet the press

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PASADENA, Calif. -- A&E's "Those Who Kill," which filmed its pilot in Pittsburgh in December 2012 and returned in 2013 to shoot the balance of its 10-episode first season from September through December, debuts at 10 p.m. March 3.

Here's how A&E describes the plot:


Pasadena, CA – January 9, 2014 – A&E Network will premiere the new original scripted series “Those Who Kill” on Monday, March 3 at 10 PM ET/PT. The suspenseful drama stars Academy Award-nominated and Golden Globe-winning actress Chloë Sevigny (“Big Love,” Boys Don’t Cry) and James D’Arcy ( HitchcockCloud Atlas). Based on the Danish crime series format inspired by the bestselling work of author Elsebeth Egholm, the thrilling drama follows Catherine Jensen (Sevigny), a recently promoted homicide detective who tracks down serial killers and relentlessly seeks the truth behind the disappearance of her brother. Pittsburgh serves as the picturesque backdrop for the ten-episode serialized drama.


“Glen Morgan and the incredible team behind the ‘Those Who Kill’ have crafted a captivating drama that we’re thrilled to add to our slate of original scripted series,” said David McKillop, Executive Vice President and General Manager of A&E Network. “As the story unfolds, these damaged yet good-intentioned characters are brought to life by the talented cast.”


As a freshly minted homicide detective, Catherine Jensen has garnered a reputation for overstepping her boundaries in her unrelenting pursuit to solve Pittsburgh’s most gruesome murders.Motivated by her past, including the disappearance of her brother and the suspicion that her stepfather is a serial killer, she often finds herself emotionally connected to the victims she’s investigating.Jensen enlists the help of Thomas Schaeffer (D’Arcy), a forensic psychologist who has a tumultuous relationship with the police department, to provide insight into her cases and her personal investigation into her stepfather. He too finds himself deeply connected to each case, but often through the killer, which proves to be a hazardous undertaking.The pair shares a skewed sense of judgment that often puts them, and sometimes even their families, at risk.As these two captivating yet flawed characters come together, their bond often rescues them from their individual demons but may be the source of more harmful tribulations.


“Those Who Kill” is produced by Imagine Television (“24,” “Friday Night Lights”) and Fox 21 (“Homeland,” “Sons of Anarchy”).Brian Grazer and Francie Calfo are executive producers for Imagine Television. Glen Morgan (“The X-Files,” “Millennium”) wrote the pilot episode and also serves as executive producer/showrunner. DavidPetrarca serves as executive producer and directs several episodes.Peter Bose and Jonas Allen are executive producers for Miso Films.


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Producers said they filmed in Pittsburgh due to the state tax credits. Star Chloe Sevigny was thrilled to be in Western Pennsylvania -- she's from the Northeast and in an interview whispered, "I don't really like L.A." -- but exeuctive producer Glen Morgan was less enthused.

"A&E liked the look of the Danish version, which was shot in Copenhagen," Mr. Morgan said. "Joe Carnahan, who directed the pilot, and I thought we'd go to Vancouver because there's a natural scrim over there, a great atmospheric look. And [producing studio] Fox said there are some tax breaks in Pennsylvania. Joe and I complained the entire flight there and from the airport to Downtown we're like, yeah, we're coming here. There was a look that hadn't been seen on TV historically. It was a place that had been considered down and out and had something to prove and it's bounced back and it was reflective of what our characters have gone through."

Ms. Sevigny warmed to Pittsburgh instantly and enjoyed living in Bloomfield down the block from Tessaro's, one of her favorite haunts.

Although the show involves one investigator, Thomas, who identifies with serial killers and another, Catherine, who is obsessive in her puruit of killlers, Mr. Morgan said the show is more about the characters than the killers. And he recognizes that on paper "Those Who Kill"  bears some similarities to past series, including "Millennium," which he wrote for.

"He had special abilities and that's not --- James is playing a character that knows it because of his personal life," Mr. Morgan said. "There's some darkness in his past. I think we did that a little and then veered away from it."

The pursuit of criminals will vary: Some will take three epsiodes, others two episodes.

Though it's a crime drama, the show has a serialized element about Catherine's pursuit of her stepfather (Bruce Davison), a respected Pittsburgh judge, who she believes to be a killer, something only hinted at in the pilot that is explored in subsequent episodes. (Her brother is also missing and she believes he was killed by her stepfather.)

"I love working and I love playing this character," Sevigny said. "She just seemed endlessly facinating. There's so much to work with with there, just trying to find her way out of that darkness by any means necessary, which includes manipulating James' character as best she can. She can't rest until there's justice for her brother, so she's just shut herself off from the world and can't function in any relationship."

Sevigny said starring in a crime series can be draining but she didn't find it as difficult to shed her role as when she was on HBO's "Big Love."

"I remember doing 'Big Love' and everybody yelling at [my character] all day and that was even worse," she said. "Everyone thought I was the bad guy. That was painful. I think you turn it off when you go home at night and try not to bring the world home with you." 

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