CBS researches viewer opinion on '2 Broke Girls,' other shows

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104316 WB 00301bLast sumer I managed to see a research study Comedy Central was doing on "Kroll Show" after its first season. The show had already been renewed, but the research was about which characters viewers most enjoyed seeing.

I have no idea if or how the results of that study were incorporated into the show's second season that's now airing but it was interesting to see what kinds of questions were asked.

So when a friend received an e-mail from from CBS after signing up to receive such questions at their Las Vegas research facility, I was eager to see what all the network wanted to know. Some of it was about the Monday night sitcom "2 Broke Girls," which has seen its ratings decline this early on this season.

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Questions about "2 Broke Girls" began with an attempt to rate the setting of the show and whether diners like the diner, the girls' apartment or a pastry school best as the setting.

Another question focused specifically on the pastry school and how interested viewers were in it as a setting. It will be interesting to watch to see if the patry school takes a greater or lesser role as the series moves forward.

The survey also asked questions about CBS's "The Crazy Ones" and asked viewers to rate how much they like each of the show's regular characters. So if some characters start to get more air time or less air time, it's possible that the results of this research played a role in those story decisions.

Questions on the survey also asked about a viewers' late-night viewing habits and what they enjoy most about the late-night show the viewer watches most frequently (interview skills of thehost, monologue, house band, pre-taped elements, guests, host's views on current events and musical acts).

There were also questions about live, event programming ("Sound of Music LIve" and "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show") and the likelihood of a viewer to watch a live musical. And there were questions about TVGN (TV Guide Network), which CBS operates.

Research is an important part of TV. Whether the results of this particular research have an impact on the shows mentioned, who knows. But it's interesting to see what questions CBS was asking.

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