Secrets of the 'Psych' musical and hints about the show's future

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I'll have more on the "Psych" musical episode (9 p.m. Sunday) in TV Week in the Sunday Post-Gazette, but one thing for regular “Psych” viewers to bear in mind: This musical episode, filmed in October 2012, was supposed to air during the already-aired season seven until USA executives decided to make it a stand-alone event in December. Consequently, there are continuity errors within the “Psych” story throughout the episode.

“This was designed to air as the episode before Juliette” – Maggie Lawson’s character – “finds out Shawn is not psychic and the chief has not been pushed out by Anthony Michael Hall yet,” executive producer Steve Franks said. “A lot of things happened in the second half of last season that are inaccuracies that now present themselves to be a fantastic drinking game for those who pay attention to that sort of thing.”

For fans wondering about the status of actress Maggie Lawson in the show’s upcoming, already-filmed eighth season, the actress, who starred in the now-canceled ABC comedy “Back in the Game,” will appear in five of the 10 new episodes.

Now the question is what will become of “Psych” after its eighth season airs?

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“I was surprised there was a season three, so every year we are so appreciative just to come back,” Franks said. “At some point, we’ll get expensive enough – as shows get older they get more expensive – and then they push ‘em out the door.”

Co-star Dule Hill sounds prepared if the show’s end is near. Season eight begins at 9 p.m. Jan. 8.

“We’ve had a wonderful journey so whatever the outcome is, it’s already a gift,” he said. “You never really know what’s going to happen with any series. Sometimes you think things are over and then they find new life. Sometimes you think a thing is lasting and it gets cut short. I’m just thankful for the eight seasons and to get to do a ‘Psych’ musical episode and others that ran the gamut. And I really enjoy the ‘Psych’-Os [fans] and I hope they enjoyed it as much as we have.”

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