In MTV's 'Generation Cryo' a teen searches for her sperm donor dad

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Generation CryoBEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- MTV is all over the map these days, from the dreadful ratings failure "Scrubbing In" to the more interesting, pro-social "Generation Cryo," which debuts at 10 p.m. Monday (trailer link here).

The series follows 17-year-old Breeanna (at far right in the photo at right) as she searches for her sperm donor father. Monday's premiere episode takes her to Atlanta to meet two of her half-siblings who were fathered by the same anonymous donor.

Ultimately, Breeanna hopes to find her father but along the way in each episode she's meeting half-siblings, Jonah and Hilit, who live with their parents, Terri and Eric, in suburban Atlanta.

Monday's debut is interesting and includes an intense dinnertime conversation about Eric's feeling on finding the sperm donor and his feelings of inadequacy as a man because a sperm donor was required for he and Terri to have a family.

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"Generation Cryo" is produced in association with the Donor Sibling Registry.

"The Donor Sibling Registry is a mutual consent contact registry, explained Donor Sibling Registry director Wendy Kramer at a July MTV press conference. "We don't want to invade anybody's life, but we wanted to make a forum where those who want to be found can find each other. ... So if their donor doesn't come to the DSR, either he's hesitant, he has concerns, maybe he doesn't know about it. Other children on the DSR, including my own son,  have taken further measures to find their donor.  And not to invade their lives or track them down or, want anything from them, but they just want to give those donors the opportunity to know them.  And the families that I know, my son, all of these guys, if they find the donor, basically they're just going to put it forward to him, give him the opportunity to know them, share information.  But the ball's always in the donor's court. You know, if he's says, 'No. No way,' then everybody's very respectful of that."

Time will tell if that happens and if the donor does say, "No, thank you," if that will wreck MTV's show.

Breeanna said she wants to find her father to help her better understand herself.

"I just graduated [from high school] and I'm trying to  figure out myself," she said. "And it's a process that I'm going through sort of on my own.  And now I have a lot of siblings to help me through it, which has been much needed."

Kramer said it's a common misconception that only unhappy donor kids want to meet their father.

"It's an innate human desire for people to want to know where they come from," she said. "It's just like an adoption. They might have great parents, but they still -- not all of them, but the kids who are curious, they have that urge to know their ancestry, their medical history, look into the face of someone who gave them half their DNA.  So it has nothing to do with being happy or unhappy."

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