'Arrested Development' cast reunites, soundtrack on the way

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arrested-development-returnsTwo bits of "Arrested Development" news for fans of the comedy series, which was revived on Netflix earlier this year.

Cast members reunite on Bravo's "Inside the Actors Studio" at 8 p.m. Thursday. Host James Lipton has a recurring role on the show as a prison warden. Cast members appearing include Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, Portia de Rossi, Alia Shawkat, Jeffrey Tambor, Jessica Walter and creator Mitch Hurwitz.

Second, a soundtrack from the show will be out on Varese Sarabande Records on Nov. 19. Read more after the jump. ...

Here's a release with details on the soundtrack: 

At Long Last...Music and Songs From Arrested Development to be Released on Varèse Sarabande Records on November 19, 2013

The Fans Have Spoken and Their Favorite, Funny Songs from Composer David Schwartz are Finally Available to Be Heard.

(Los Angeles, CA) October 24, 2013 — On November 19, Varèse Sarabande Records will release At Long Last...Music and Songs From Arrested Development featuring composer David Schwartz's 42 tracks of bouncy character tunes from the Emmy winning 20th Century Fox Television-Imagine Entertainment comedy created by Mitchell Hurwitz. This spring, Arrested Development debuted its fourth season on Netflix after a seven-year hiatus to record viewership. At Long Last features 17 songs from season four including "Bang Bang Bang Bang," Buster Bluth's (Tony Hale) dance music used throughout the season; "Fantastic 4," music from Tobias Fünke's (David Cross) superhero-inspired musical; "Getaway," the Justin Bieber-esque song written for Gob Bluth (Will Arnett) by his Hollywood Blvd.-club posse friend Mark Cherry as well as the season four finale end credits song "Boomerang" performed by Schwartz's daughter Lucy Schwartz, who also co-wrote it with Matt Hales (aka the artist Aqualung).

"Because of fan demand, a majority of the album is weighted toward the songs," explains David Schwartz who composed over 80 cues per episode in season four. "Most of the songs composed for the show came together organically, but quite often Mitch would call me up requesting one and float some lyrics by me while he was driving. When it comes to the humor and parody of the songs, Mitch has a great deal of trust in the show's super smart fans. He never wants any musical reference to be too obvious."

Also included on At Long Last are numerous faves from previous seasons such as the big-hair '80s rock-inspired song "Balls in the Air" heard at the end of the season three episode "Notapusy," the Hawaiian ukulele medley "Aloha Lei To You" from episode 10's "Ready, Aim, Marry Me" as well as the hysterical "It Ain't Easy Being White" sung by Gob and his puppet Franklin in the season two episode "The Righteous Brothers," a track which Arnett recorded in full for the soundtrack. "What's wonderful about Will Arnett's songs is that -- he's not a singer!" laughs Schwartz about the comedic bent of the album.

Hurwitz first learned about Schwartz's musical talents when he came across the composer's demo tape in a storage closet on the set of The John Larroquette Show. The show marked the first collaboration between the TV series creator and the composer, which continued through such shows as Running Wilde, Sit Down Shut Up, The Ellen Show and the USA TV movie Happiness Isn't Everything starring Richard Dreyfuss and Jason Biggs.

Schwartz attended the School of Visual Arts in New York and the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Early on in his career, he mastered a wide range of musical genres by performing with John Hall, Manhattan Transfer, the Boston Civic Symphony, the Glenn Miller Band, Howard Johnson, and John Sebastian. In 1990, Schwartz began composing music for film and TV, landing his first scoring credit with the hit Fox TV series Beverly Hills 90210.But it was Schwartz's upbeat, folk-like music on the Emmy winning CBS series Northern Exposure that quickly cemented his reputation as a highly coveted composer, earning him a Grammy nomination for Best Instrumental Composition as well as three BMI TV Music Awards. He also picked up BMI wins for Leap of Faith and Rules of Engagement. Schwartz also earned Emmy nominations for his music on Wolf Lake, Deadwood and ArrestedDevelopment. Schwartz's TV score credits also include The Playboy Club, CW's Reaper and films such as the Alex Gibney documentary Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson and Christopher Guest's The Thick of It, which Hurwitz also co-wrote.

Track Listing

1. Arrested Development (main title)

2. She's Cute (Season 4)

3. Getaway (Season 4, Gob episode 7, "Colony Collapse")

4. Practice Kisses (Season 4, Gob episode 7, "Colony Collapse")

5. Sound of Silence / The Cockroach (Season 4, Gob episode 11, "A New Attitude"/Season 4, episode 1 "Flight of the Phoenix")

6. Balls In The Air (Season 3, episode 4 "Notapusy") Extended for the soundtrack

7. Face Blindness (L&M) (Season 4, Lindsay's episode 3 "Indian Takers")

8. You'll Never Hear From Me Again (Season 4, Lindsay's episode 3 "Indian Takers")

9. As It Is Such (Season 4, Gob episode 7, "Colony Collapse")

10. Tobias Eat Pray Gay (Medley) - (Season 1, episode 6 "Visiting Ours")

11. Motherboy (Season 2, episode 13 "Motherboy XXX")

12. Franklin's Brown Sugar (Season 2, episode 16 "Meat The Veals")

13. It Ain't Easy Being White • Vocal: Will Arnett (Season 2, episode 18 "The Righteous Brothers")

14. Shot by Love (Season 2, episode 9 "Burning Love")

15. Mr.F (Season 3, episode 5 "Mr. F.")

16. The Yellow Boat (Season 3, episode 8 "Making a Stand")

17. All You Need Is Smiles • Vocals: Jeffrey Tambor & David Schwartz (Season 1, episode 20 "Whistler's Mother")

18. Big Yellow Joint (Season 1, episode 10 "Pier Pressure")

19. Big Rockin' Yellow Joint (Season 1, episode 10 "Pier Pressure")

20. The Cute Test (Season 4, episode 14 "Off The Hook")

21. Aloha Lei To You (Season 2, episode 10 "Ready, Aim, Marry Me")

22. Oh Phoenix (Season 4, episode 1 "Flight of the Phoenix")

23. Andele (Season 2, episode 2 "The One Where They Build a House")

24. Bang Bang Bang Bang (Buster's dance music throughout season 4)

25. I'm Blue, Man (Season 2, episode 1 "The One Where Michael Leaves")

26. Mock Trial (Season 3, episode 10 "Fakin' It")

27. Not Your Father, Mopy, Tiny Town (Seasons 1-3 throughout)

28. What Could Be Better (Season 2, episode 18 "The Righteous Brothers")

29. She Winked (Season 4, episode 10 "Queen B")

30. Free At Last (Season 1 pilot)

31. Oh My (medley) (Season 3, episode 11 "Family Ties")

32. Get Along Little Sheep (Season 1, episode 15 "Staff Infection")

33. Big Ska

34. Buster Lucille George Gob (Season 4, episode 1 "Flight of the Phoenix")

35. Fantastic 4 (Season 4, episode 9 "Smashed")

36. The Invisible Girl (Season 4, episode 10 "Queen B")

37. Rub It In (Season 4, episode 1 "Flight of the Phoenix")

38. The Chipper (Season 4, episode 1 "Flight of the Phoenix")

39. Temocil• Vocals: David Cross, Portia de Rossi and Danielle Cipolla (Season 1, episode 19 "Best Man for the Gob" and season 2, episode 7 "Switch Hitter")

40. You Here With Me (Season 1, episode 4 "Key Decisions")

41. Police Cruise (series end credits)

42. Boomerang • Vocal: Lucy Schwartz(Season 4, finale episode 15 "Blockheads")

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