TV Q&A: 'Breaking Bad,' 'Elementary' and 'Mike & Molly'

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TV Q&A with Rob Owen

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This week's TV Q&A (after the "Read more" jump below) responds to questions about “Breaking Bad,” “Elementary” and “Mike & Molly.” As always, thanks for reading and keep the questions coming.

- Rob Owen, Post-Gazette TV writer

Q: Has a TV show ever ended on as high a peak as “Breaking Bad”on Sunday? I don't mean just the finale but the series in general. The show was at its peak creatively and viewership.  Most of the great shows with huge endings were on their way down when they finished up...mostly because the network the show is on wants to bleed the show dry before finishing.
I hope we see more TV shows follow the “Breaking Bad” mode in the future. “Boardwalk Empire” would be wise to follow....Prohibition does eventually end.

- Bill, 46, Upper St Clair
As I wrote in my review of the “Breaking Bad” finale, it really is one of the few series that never made any substantive creative missteps.

And I agree with Bill that many of the most memorable series finales, most notably “Six Feet Under,” came at the end of shows that overstayed their welcome. “Breaking Bad” ended at just the right time. And while other shows would be wise to follow that road map, network executives desperate to keep a popular show on the air as long as possible are unlikely to follow the “Breaking Bad” model. (See: “Dexter.”)

Q: Who is the announcer for "Katie" and "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and are they the same person?

- Sheila, 60, New Castle
A publicist for “Katie” identified that show’s announcer as Brian Lee. A publicist for “Ellen” did not respond but it appears her announcer is Paul Bartholomew. It’s also unlikely that both shows would use the same announcer because “Katie” tapes in New York and “Ellen” is in Burbank, Calif.


Q: I watched the season premiere of "Elementary" on Thursday. Was that episode actually filmed in London?

- Art, 61, Stanton Heights

Rob: Yes, it was.


Q: “Under the Dome” was supposed to be a 13-week series. When the last episode came and went it left us hanging, and maybe even left Barbie hanging.  WHY?  I thought the series was going to give us answers as to where the dome came from. Will there be another 13-week series next year. How long will this go on?

- Nancy, 50, Minneapolis

Rob: It will continue as long as the show is financially successful. Networks are loathe to kill the golden goose so never trust that you’ll get complete closure, although I’ll admit the “Under the Dome” cliffhanger was particularly frustrating given the way CBS marketed the series.


Q: Has “Monday Mornings” been renewed for another season? I thought it was an excellent medical ethics drama.
- Walter, St. Louis Park, Minn.

Rob: No, it was canceled earlier this year due to low ratings.


Q: Is “Mike and Molly” coming back to TV or did they take it off? I can't find it in any of the TV listings at all.

- Roberta, 59, Pittsburgh
It will be back once a new CBS sitcom fails. I expect that show will be “We Are Men.” We reported in May that “Mike & Molly” would be held until midseason and listed it as having a midseason return in our returning show premiere dates list last month, too.

Q: What happened to the daily 7 p.m. “Simpsons” on my Channel 10 (MyTV) on Comcast? I'm heartbroken that they're not on.  You always know the scoop, so fill me in please.

- Linda, 57, Sharpsburg

Rob: “The Simpsons” has been moved to midnight on WPGH


Q: Although my favorite TV shows are crime/mystery/drama shows (“NCIS,” “Person of Interest,” “Criminal Minds,” “CSI”), I also really loved the fantasy drama show, "Grimm." It is very unusual and different than anything else presently on TV. Is NBC going to bring it back?  It seems to have bounced around last year, not really having been given the chance to develop the following I believe it could.  Also, I enjoyed “Longmire” and the Dennis Quaid show where he is a cop in Vegas during the '60s. Are those two going to be back?

- Alan, Brooklyn Park, Minn.

Rob: “Grimm” will return Oct. 25 returned with new episodes last month in its regular Friday night time slot. “Longmire” hasn’t been officially renewed but I expect it will be and will return to A&E next summer. CBS canceled “Vegas” in May.


Q: I have a question about how WQED is broadcasting the series “Great Performances from the Met” (featuring recordings from “Live in HD” broadcasts from the Metropolitan Opera’sSaturdaymatinees). Up until recently, they have been showing them a few weeks or months after the original PBS airing, typically on Sundayafternoons, and usually no more than once or twice a month.

But in October, they are dumping nearly the entire season’s episodes (more than 20 hours of opera) one night after another, sometimes with back-to-back episodes starting at1 a.m., to an audience consisting of either opera-loving insomniacs or hard-drive-capacity-busting DVRs.

Why is WQED presenting the series in such a bizarre manner?

- Mark, Squirrel Hill

Rob: I suspect because there may not be a lot of demand for it.

Here’s the response from Darryl Ford-Williams, WQED vice president of content: "Due to a good deal of locally produced programming and specials, we have not had our usual slot of Sunday afternoons open for airing this type of programming. We are very far behind on the series now and decided to make it available for folks to record and promote it as best we can; instead of continuing to hold it."


Q: Is KDKA anchor, Kimberly Gill, newly engaged? I recently noticed her new engagement ring.

- Elaine, 59, Mt. Lebanon
Here’s what Gill had to say in response to Elaine’s query: “Viewers are very observant! Yes, I got engaged in June. No date yet for a wedding though.” 



In response to Nancy from Whitehall's question about the New England-based soap opera, the most likely candidate is "The Doctors" (1963 - 1982) set in the fictional town of Madison, somewhere in New England.
In addition to that and your own mention of "Peyton Place," other possibilities are:
"Dark Shadows" (1966-1971) - fictional town of Collinsport, Maine
"Love of Life" (1951-1980) - fictional town of Barrowsville, New York
"Ryan's Hope" (1975-1989) - upper West Side of Manhattan
"Port Charles" (1997-2003) - fictional town of Port Charles, somewhere in New York

- John, 54, Green Tree

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