Fox sneaks 'Animation Domination High-Def' shows Sunday

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Axe onZombie 300dpiAYou'll be able to read more about Fox's new late-night Saturday animation block, "Animation Domination High-Def," in Sunday's TV Week in the Post-Gazette. The shows debut July 27 but get a sneak preview Sunday at 9:30 p.m.

But there's an aspect of one of the new shows, "Axe Cop," I ran out of space to get into. 

"It's based on a comic book that a lot of people, even at my time at Adult Swim ‑‑ just people were sending this to me, saying this is really interesting.  It was created by a five‑year‑old and written by a five‑year‑old and illustrated by his 30‑year‑old brother.  And a lot of that source material is how we're writing it. ," said Nick Weidenfeld, a former Adult Swim exec who's now overseeing Animation Domination. "It's adults writing in the room.  Ethan, the older brother, is in the room. There is a lot of that source material from the five‑year‑old that is still at the heart of what we're doing. And Malachai, who's now eight ‑‑ we definitely call him a lot. Whenever we get to a certain place where we're like, well, how would we end this and we don't know what to do, we call the eight‑year‑old and ask him how he would end it."

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"I'll give one quick little anecdote," Weidenfeld continued. "We have to Frankenstein a lot of the pieces of the comic together because they're written by a five‑year‑old, so they don't make a lot of sense. So they're very funny, but they're crazy. And so we put this story together, and AXE COP is avenging his parents' death by killing Bad Santa, who he learns had killed his parents. And we got to a place and said what is Bad Santa's master plan, what is this villain’s master plan? Why would he kill our hero's parents?

"And we said, well, let's ‑‑ we can't figure anything out. Everything we came up with sounded like it was from a Batman or a Spiderman. It sounded so conventional. So we said, 'Let's call Malachai the eighth‑year‑old and ask him.' And so we called him and said, 'Well, Malachai, what is Bad Santa's master plan?  Why would he have killed his parents?' And the eight‑year‑old goes, 'Uh, obviously he wants to kill God.' And we go, 'What?'  He goes, 'He wants to go to heaven, kill God, and become Jesus.' And we're like 'ffff,' I mean, I guess. That's the craziest thing we've ever heard. So now there's this amazing scene where Bad Santa, who's just a crazy-looking Santa, tells Axe Cop that that's his master plan.  And it's amazing. It's the strangest thing you'll see, but it does feel that it's from the heart and the imagination of a five‑year‑old who's just sort of picking all these things from his environment, and that's the most important thing, I think, in that show for us, is to have the spirit and the sort of celebration of a kid's imagination in there. And that's not something I think adults can do in a room. They can't fabricate it. So we have to guide it, but we absolutely have that voice there and we go to that voice."

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