TV Q&A: 'Anderson Live,' 'Farm Kings,' the 'Daytime Emmys' and the 18-49 demo

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TV Q&A with Rob Owen

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This week's TV Q&A (after the "Read more" jump below) responds to questions about “Anderson Live,” “Farm Kings” and the “Daytime Emmys.” As always, thanks for reading and keep the questions coming.

- Rob Owen, Post-Gazette TV writer

Q: What was up with the Daytime Emmy telecast on HLN?  I have never seen a more unprofessional telecast in my life. Highlights included Aisha Tyler being given the wrong envelope, Giada de Laurentiis telling the audience to be quiet during an interview, Corbin Bersen swearing during a tribute to his mother, and Betheny Frankel yelling at someone to get out of the way of the cue cards and totally butchering Lidia Bastianich's name when she won. She called her Linda twice. Seriously, I have seen local high school sports banquets that were put on with better production value.

- James, 43, McCandless
Since I don’t cover daytime TV much – there’s more than one person can handle in prime time -- I don’t watch this awards show but plenty of people I trust also said it was a train wreck, including my friend Bruce Miller at the Sioux City Journal.

TMZ has also been mocking the telecast all week, including the envelope blunder and they got CBS president Les Moonves to give the show a thumbs down review.

But I’m not sure why anyone is surprised by a terrible daytime Emmys telecast. The TV industry clearly thinks it’s not worthwhile given that none of the broadcast networks want it and it has been relegated to HLN.


Q: Just wanted to find out if "Anderson Live" has been canceled on NBC. It's been in reruns for a couple of months. I know he has “AC360” on CNN and does spots on “60 Minutes.” So he's a busy person.

Also, is “Rachael Ray” just on vacation?  Her program has been in reruns also.

- Rita, 68, Brookline)
“Anderson Live” is a syndicated program that airs on different network affiliates across the country. It was canceled last fall.

As for “Rachael Ray,” it’s simply summer syndrome: Reruns rule.


Q: Could you please print contact information for FCC CALM Act complaints? After passage of the Act, I noticed a lowering of TV commercial volume but it seems to be creeping up again. In my area there's an obnoxious group of local car dealers advertising LOUDLY on national network programs.

- Judith, 66, Seneca, S.C.

Rob: The FCC outlines how to complain about the CALM Act on its website. There's a link to file complaints there. 


Q: Will there be a new season of “Bomb Patrol Afghanistan” on the G4 network?
- Dianne, 66, Maple Grove, MN

Rob: G4 will transition to the Esquire Network by late September and there are no plans for that program to continue on G4 or Esquire.


Q: I am writing to ask you about the series called “Farm Kings” on the GAC channel.  I cannot seem to find where it is being aired anymore. The series sometimes is still being aired but it is only reruns of Season 1 now. GAC started airing episodes of Season 2 but stopped airing them.

- Stephanie, 56, Minneapolis

Rob: Like many cable networks choose to do these days, GAC broke “Farm Kings,” filmed in Butler County, into two batches of episodes.

The second season’s fifth through 13th episodes will begin airing at 9 p.m. July 11 on GAC.


Q: Any actual evidence that the "coveted 18-49 year old demo" actually translates into superior return on TV advertising investment? I'd think that a slightly older, more established demographic would have more disposable income -- but maybe also less likelihood of being swayed by advertising?
- Lisa, 54, O'Hara
I long thought that once the Baby Boomers started aging out of the 18-49 demo that advertisers would follow the cohort and the prime demo would at least advance to 25-54. But that didn’t really happen nationally, though it is the demo most relevant to local stations when it comes to selling ads in local newscasts.

A quick online search finds plenty of sentiment that the demo is not as valuable as advertisers seem to think. See: here and here and here.

But Brad Adgate, senior vice president for research at Horizon Media, said advertisers simply want to build brand loyalty among younger customers.

A younger person also has a longer lifetime value to an advertiser than an older person,” Adgate said. “Ad rates come down to supply and demand. There is a huge demand for younger viewers and many shows have a limited supply. Also, younger viewers tend to watch more online videos, go on social media, etc. so it's harder and harder for TV to target them effectively.”

Older viewers tend to watch more TV. So advertisers will reach them regardless; the premium is put on the harder-to-reach younger viewers.


Q: I was sorry to read that “Southland” has been canceled. It was really good in my opinion. Any idea as to why the cancellation? Was it ratings or some other reason?

- Tom, St Paul, Minn.

Rob: TV show cancellations are almost always driven by economics and finances. In the case of “Southland,” not enough people were watching. So, yes, it was ratings (or lack thereof) that killed the show.


Q: Has season three of the Australian series "Rake" started yet? Will it be available on any channels that are viewable here in the US.  The previous shows were available on Direct TV.
- Michael, 64, Savage, Minnesota

Rob: DirecTV publicist Cara Brugnoli did not respond to email or phone call requests for a response to Michael’s question. DirecTV did air the first two seasons of “Rake” – which is being remade by Fox and starring Greg Kinnear for 2014 – and the show was renewed for a third season in Australia but there has been no announcement about season three airing in the U.S. Season two comes out on DVD in the U.S. on July 2.



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