'Minute to Win It' is back on a new network

Tuesday, 25 June 2013 11:50 AM Written by 

Minute Apolo

Game show "Minute to Win It" aired on NBC in 2010-11 with host Guy Fieri but tonight at 8 it's back with new episodes on a new network with a new host.

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"Minute to Win It" has moved to GSN (formerly Game Show Network) and the new host is Olympic speed skating champion Apolo Anton Ohno.

"There are some minor changes," Ohno said in a phone interview earlier this month."People will recognize some of the games played in the past. Nothing drastic. It's a fun, casual show everybody can watch and they can play the games at home."

Among the changes: The jackpot has diminished from $1 million on the NBC show to $250,000 on GSN.

Ohno said when first approached about being on the series, he thought they wanted him as a contestant.

“I thought I could dominate the games,” he said. “You want me to be a contestant? That would be fantastic. I’d love to win a quarter million dollars!”

When it was clear executives wanted him to host, he went through what he calls a “preapproval process” as opposed to an audition. Ohno joked that he wore his speed skating skin suit to “Minute to Win It” meetings before saying he simply tried to be as open as possible.

“It may be the first time they see me without a helmet on and I think that’s an important part of it,” he said. “There’s more than just one side to me, the competitive side. I can have fun, too.”

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