Heather Locklear is back on TV on 'Franklin & Bash'

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franklin bash locklearDon't tell Heather Locklear, but she's playing Amanda Woodward again, only by a different name, on TNT's "Franklin & Bash" (9 p.m. Wednesday).

Locklear arrives as Rachel King, a new partner in the law firm of the show's boyish lead characters. Rachel is a by-the-books, intimidating power broker who looks to get things her way, a lot like Locklear's "Melrose Place" Amanda Woodward character.

Granted, the tone of "Franklin & Bash" is lighter but "Melrose" also had its comedic moments.

Why did she take the role?

"I never played a lawyer before," she said in a recent teleconference with reporters. "And, you know, and when shows are on a couple seasons already, it's always nice to go in on that when they are well-oiled machines."

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 Locklear said she was happy to return to TV.

"I've always loved being on TV. I loved being in a series. I love having a regular place to go to all the time," she said. "So it's never been surprising that I'd want to be back on a series."

Her character spars with Franklin & Bash and even forces them to each have their own office.

"They're kind of bratty, so you have to separate them," Locklear said. "I think she wants to wield her power over them and show them what she can do and that she means business."

As for the legal aspect, Locklear is still learning the ropes and doesn't think she'd make it far in a real courtroom.

"I could probably fake it for the beginning, the opening - I can open," she said. "And then when somebody's saying something that I don't understand on the other side, the defense side or something, I'd cave real quick. It's really hard. Some of the legalize is hard. Like trying to figure out what it all is and what it all means before I say it."



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