'Arrested Development' creator discusses new season, future possibilities

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ArrestedIt's been a little more than a week since Netflix debuted all 15 streaming episodes of the fourth season of "Arrested Development" and reviews, including mine, have been mixed but more positive than negative.

So now the question is, what comes next?

Series creator Mitch Hurwitz has long stated a desire to make an "Arrested" big-screen movie, but if watching the new season suggests anything, it's that "Arrested" works best as a series where jokes can build over multiple episodes. Also, how woud a movie service all the characters in the "Arrested" universe? Some would have to be left out.

In a teleconference with reporters on Wednesday, Hurwitz said he initially mapped out a movie and ultimately chose to use "some of the good stuff" in season four because he knew there would not be space for it in a movie.

"There's a lot you can do on television you can't do in a film theatrically," Hurwitz said. "At the time, [a movie] was the only possibility, the only way to get the cast together again. So I think you might be right. Actually, my interest is in telling the story of this family and I guess it's kind of like, give us the canvas and let's see what we come up with. If it's a movie, we can tailor it to that but the life of a family does seem to play out episodically. I think an argument can be made either way. Really, we'll do it for whoever wants it."

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Hurwitz said he still hopes to do a theatrical movie but acknowledged it's complicated because Fox owns the rights to "Arrested," so they would have to want to make a movie or be willing to let another studio make a movie. He also said, "I suppose there is a scenario where we made a Netflix movie but we just haven't explored it yet."

One thing he won't do is dangle the possibility for years.

"If there's more, I promise we'll put a date out there," Hurwitz said. "One of the reason we eventually said, let's do this as an anthology miniseries was to manage expectations that had built up over time but also to give the fans something more satisfying than 90 minutes of content."

Speaking of content, Hurwitz hinted there might be more to come from the show's new season: "We have a lot of material we plan on putting out on Netflix at a later time but it's not my place to talk about because it's their business." 

As for the end of the fourth season, which wraps with no conclusion for any of the plots, Hurwitz said the show has always been audacious, even from the pilot episode, which had a "next time on" tag before it had ever been picked up to series. He said that tag might have helped get the show on the air because it created curiosity about what came next among test audiences ("I outwitted the system!" he joked).

"I've always trusted that our little family wants to work together and continue telling the story," Hurwitz said. "What's the next step [in the story]? As it turns out, I do have an answer to that, I just need someone to let me make [it]."

loblawsHurwitz also revealed a joke that was pitched but didn't make it into the new season: In the plot involving George Sr. (Jeffrey Tambor) in Mexico, George and his colleagues were to be chased off their land repeatedly by handsome men who would ultimately reveal themselves to be "the Mexican Romneys."

"There's this whole strain of Mexican Romneys down there who were polygamously marrying down there" during the Romney family's time away from the United States, Hurwitz said. Instead, a Herman Cain-like character is in the fourth season. 

Finally, I had to ask Hurwitz about the derivation of the name of one of the show's lawyer characters, Bob Loblaw (Scott Baio). While in Montreal recently, I discovered a Canadian grocery chain called Loblaw's. Is there a connection?

"That [name] came from a Canadian writer who pitched it in the room," Hurwitz recalled. "It was his father's joke. His father used to say [Bob Loblaw] would be a hilarious name for a lawyer. So I think maybe it did come from a Canadian store."

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