TV reviews: NBC's 'Save Me' and Fox's 'Does Someone Have to Go?'

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save meMore new summer programming and the first show debuting tonight, NBC's "Save Me" (8 and 8:30 tonight), offers a reminder that everything that's golden during upfronts week sometimes loses its luster in the eyes of network executives before it ever airs. NBC announced "Save Me" as a midseason series in May 2012. Now it's being burned off in the summer.

(This is a good time to note that not every broadcast network show airing in the summer is a dud. Some shows, like CBS's "Under the Dome," are actually developed specifically for the summer. Not all shows are created equal but when a program has been sitting on the shelf for a year, you know the network has lost confidence in it.)

Anne Heche stars in "Save Me" as Beth Harper, who chokes on a sandwich, has a near-death experience and then comes to believe that God is speaking to her. And she does know things people are thinking that they have not said to her.

Ostensibly a comedy, "Save Me" is more quirky than outright funny. It almost feels like a weird, little indie film if indie films were somewhat flat and predictable. And "Save Me" certainly doesn't fit with any of NBC's other single-camera comedies. This is why it's getting the summer send-off.

Read about Fox's "Does Someone Have to Go?" after the jump. ...

Unless you work in an office where everyone is a well-behaved angel, why would you want to spend a minute watching Fox's "Does Someome Have to Go?" (9 tonight). The original title was "Toxic Office," which was more on point. It's basically a reality competition that pits co-workers against one another.

Here's the network description:

On the new unscripted workplace experiment DOES SOMEONE HAVE TO GO?, the boardroom doors get blown wide open when employees are given the power to make some tough decisions. Frustrated bosses will hand over the reins of their companies to the employees, offering their respective staffs a chance to make changes in the workplace – even if it means letting co-workers go.

After a day full of annoyances at the office, why subject yourself to more of the same while watching TV at home? Watching this one gave me a headache in about 17 minutes. You've been warned.

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