Seafairer vs. Seafarer in 'Bates Motel'

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24-norma-watches-as-the-seafairer-sign-comes-downEarlier this year when I submitted my review of the "Bates Motel" pilot to my Post-Gazette editors, the copy desk -- namely eagle-eyed copy editor Karen Carlin -- e-mailed me with a question: Did I really mean the hotel in "Bates Motel" (10 tonight, A&E) was previously named the misspelled Seafairer rather than the correctly spelled Seafarer?

I started to doubt myself -- despite my notes with the Seafairer spelling -- and went to the video tape. I even took a picture to prove it and emailed the screen shot to Karen. The sign was indeed misspelled Seafairer. I figured the "Bates Motel" art department screwed up.

But not so fast: The art department on TV shows only makes what they are told to make and they go by what's in the script.

So how did the mistake happen? Find out after the jump. ...

"I'm guessing the reason why is I [stink] at spelling," said series co-creator Kerry Ehrin in a recent phone interview.  "And it's also possible [previous motel owner] Keith Summers [stinks] at spelling."

"There's something wonderfully poetic about the fact that Seafarer was misspelled," added executive producer Carlton Cuse. "The funny thing is, our production designer and I spent a lot of time going over the shape and color of that neon sign and no one ever asked about the spelling of the name."

"I'm the world's worst speller," Ehrin said.  

Meanwhile, one of the unresolved plot points in "Bates Motel" will remain unresolved, at least this season. Two weeks ago before he was killed, Deputy Shelby (Mike Vogel) shot at an Asian girl he'd been holding hostage as a sex trafficker as she ran off into the woods. Did he hit her? Did she escape?

"This is becoming like, 'What's up with the polar bear?' on 'Lost.' It's not one we expected," Cuse said. "We don't have further plans for the Asian girl and we did not expect the outpouring of interest, including from my own mother. We thought her story had been resolved."

So no decision on if she's dead or alive?

"We don't know," Ehrin said, "because we never mentioned it."

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