Comedy Central's 'Inside Amy Schumer'

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amy schumerComedy Central's "Inside Amy Schumer" (10:30 tonight) stars the comedian of the show's title in a series of sketches and stand-up snippets.

The network typically builds its shows around guys but Schumer is brash, outspoken, bold, raunchy and tomboyish enough to fit right in and her show is often quite funny for viewers (especially men) who are not easily offended.

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The first sketch seems designed to signal to guys watching that they are in good hands. This isn't an OWN-style comedy show.

Schumer is shown in an audition for the disgusting viral video "Two Girls, One Cup." The sketch posits that it was actually a marketing scheme but the humor stems from the producer'straight-faced, matter-of-fact description of what's expected of the video's stars (it's all very gross). Schumer posits questions in hopes of mitigating the vile nature of what's being asked of her.

Another sketch also seems designed to placate male viewers. After a one-night-stand, a split screen shows how Schumer and the guy go about the following day. She plans her marriage to him, he drinks beer and watches sports on TV.

In many ways the show seems to be saying, "Hey guys, we know you hold women in contempt because they get attached too quickly and they're selfish, and we're happy to validate those perceptions."

"Inside Amy Schumer" is pretty filthy throughout its first half-hour, and that may be just what it takes for a woman to land a leading role on a male-skewing basic cable network.

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