What the producer of 'Mad Men' doesn't want you to know about season six (no spoilers)

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Matthew Weiner, executive producers of AMC’s “Mad Men” (9 p.m. Sunday, April 7), never wants viewers to be spoiled in advance of episodes airing. Still, he's a better interview in advance of the new season than any of the cast members, who are forever terrified to go aginst his wishes.

On a recent teleconference when star John Slattery (AKA Roger Sterling) was asked about what his character is up to in the April 7 season premiere, he replied,"It's hard for me to go into the details. I can't really answer that question. All anybody knows is where he left off."

Weiner's desire for secrecy is understandable to an extent but some of his requests seem excessive.

After the jump, read the list of no-no discussion points for the upcoming sixth season without spoilers (I actually had to edit one of the requests to make it spoiler-free). ...

-The year the series begins. This one strikes me as the most absurd for a few reasons. First, I can’t even remember what year we were in when episodes last aired and context clues in Sunday’s two-hour, sixth-season premiere don’t tell me when the show is taking place. Perhaps if I lived through the 1960s I could figure it out but since I did not, I really can’t tell. I was able to deduce the year by looking up a few of the episode’s hints online but knowing the time period in advance would have done nothing to spoil the episode. Suffice it to say, about six months have passed since we last visited with the characters. If that means you can figure out what year it is, bully for you.

-Status of Don and Megan’s relationship. This one is more understandable but only if you’re a viewer who doesn’t pay attention to reports of the show’s production. 

-Status of the ad agency. This one I get. There is an element in the new season that threw me for a loop for a few minutes.

-New characters. Again, it’s unclear to me how this is a spoiler in most cases or how you can talk about some plot points without getting into at least a few of the characters who impact the plot, although I'll muddle through in my April 5th column on the new season.

-New relationships or partnerships. After seeing the season premiere, this one makes total sense.

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