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Last week ABC's "Suburgatory" moved to a new 8:30 p.m. Wednesday time slot for the last few episodes of its sophomore season (the season finale airs next week). We don't know yet if the show will be back, so it's time to praise one of the show's stars, just in case this comedy is not renewed (I think it will be back, but you never know).

"Suburgatory" benefits from a fantastic cast but I'm consistently impressed by the ability of actress Carly Chaikin to play the world-weary, inexpressive Dalia.

In a February episode, there was this funny exchange between Dalia and her mom, Dallas (Cheryl Hines):

Dalia: “Everyone at my school is tanner than me. They act like I’m not tan enough to be going there.”

Dallas: “That’s ridiculous. No one should ever be judged by how deep their tan is.”

Dalia: “I know, right. I just wish they could look beyond the color of my tan and see the content of my closet. Because I have really nice stuff in my closet, you know.”

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So how, exactly, does Chaikin get into this character who is so blank? It's something I asked Chaikin during a visit to the show's set on the Warner Bros. lot last year.

"Actually someone wrote about my character that it seems like she just exits her body and it's very true," Chaikin said.

Co-star Jeremy Sisto chimed in to say one of the show's directors offered the direction "more dead inside" to help get Chaikin in character.

"One of the best descriptions I've heard is she's Malibu Barbie with more mascara and less emotion, which I thought was really great," Chaikin said. "It's such a fun character to play because I walk onto set and I just exit the building. I think with acting it's always said we all have every single characteristic in us and it's about bringing it to the surface. Growing up in Los Angeles and going to an all-girls middle school and being around environments like that I've picked and learned from a bunch of different things and just bring that to the surface."

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