'Holliston' comes to FearNet

Tuesday, 03 April 2012 11:28 AM Written by 

Before today's blog post, just a quick note that PG media writer Maria Sciullo and I will live tweet tonight's season finale of Pittsburgh-set "Dance Moms" on Lifetime at 9 p.m.


This week FEARnet debuts its first scripted series, "Holliston" (10:30 tonight), and it's a stinker.

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Set in Holliston, Mass., this comedy -- with an awful, booming laugh track to accompany a not-very-funny script -- follows two wannabe horror filmmakers, Adam (Adam Green) and Joe (Joe Lynch). 

Adam is the nerdier of the two; Joe is the slob who rinses out and reuses condoms (but only when with the same woman).

The pair have a cable show hosting movies. Their boss, Lance Rocket (Dee Snider), tells them he has a date with someone named Riley whose gender they try to determine.

"Riley's sex is ...." one of the guys asks.

"Oral!" Lance replies.

The plot of tonight's too-long premiere episode -- it runs an indulgent 39 minutes -- involves Adam's girlfriend, Corri (Corri English), returning to town, prompting him to hire a hooker in an attempt to make Corri jealous.

Because "Holliston" is on FEARnet, there has to be some horror element, which is shoehorned in mostly when Adam looks in the mirror and imagines cutting himself or tearing off his face. It's occasionally bloody but never really visually gross. But the show is awful.

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